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Suzuki Marine at the Genoa Boat Show: between history and future

To celebrate her first 50 years as an outboard producer, in Genoa Suzuki Marine not only will show their new products, but also some of the engines that made the history of the brand in the boating business.

The appointment is at pavillon B, stand A3, where three units will mark the fundamental milestones in the technologic path of the producer. Their number underlines another figure: in June Suzuki Marine has reached the target of three million engines built.
First one is the D55, a 98 cc (6 unit developing 5.5 HP: it’s the model launched by Suzuki on the marine market, back in 1965. Then the DT200 Exante, a V6 introduced in 1987 and awarder by NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association from USA) as the most innovative engine that year. Finally, the DT9.9, the longest-living model of the brand, having been on the market from early 80s to the threshold of the new Millennium.

Beside these three units, real milestones for the Hamamatsu builder, the full range of modern engines will be on display: from 2.5 to 300HP, 26 models, all four-stroke. Most of which are available also with white cover instead of the typical black one. The range is completed with the new models for next year: the 2.5 HP now available also with long leg; the innovative DF25A and DF30A, already introduced and finally marketed. It’s 3-cylinder units, the lightest and smallest in their category, very cheap to run thanks to the Lean Burn system and the MPI sequential ignition that can work without battery.


European debut for the DF200A: 4 pots “big block” displacing 2867 cc (175 ci), offering a smart alternative to traditional V6 units, beaten in terms of compactness, lightness, and power-to-weight ratio. Variable valve timing, Lean Burn, Suzuki Selective Rotation, are just some of the features. It will be displayed also in a “Cut-Engine” versions, to show all the visitors its way of functioning.
Furthermore, thanks to the cooperation with GPDesign of Luca Pozzato,four prototypes of engine covers will be exhibited, as four futuristic and revolutionary ideas designed through simplicity, according to the Zen concept called “Kanso”.

As it’s customary for the brand, visitors will have the chance to see and test RIBS and boats offered with Suzuki package. In particular the two RIBS Suzuki Makò 58 (featuring a DF40A) and  Suzuki Makò 68 (DF150TG); the entire “Suzukino” range; the new “Espace” model and the Suzumar DS320AL (DF9.9A); the boat Suzuki SR23 (DF250AP); the trendy cruiser Fiart 33 SeaWalker (2xDF300AP); the RIBS Focchi 460 (DF30A) and BWA Sport 15 (DF25A).

A new area dedicated to tenders and managed by UCINA (boat constructors association from Italy) will host another two units of the small “Suzukino” range: SXE320 with helm station (DF20A) and XRB380 with tilting transom (DF15A).

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