New in 2019: Bluegame BG62 ready to launch with Volvo Penta Ips propulsion

At the Cannes Yachting Festival Bluegame BG62 will have the world preview. The new sport utility yacht from Italy will be powered by twin Volvo Penta Ips1350 or Ips1200.

Italian brand Bluegame, now part of Sanlorenzo, has designed a fun and functional model that is also comfortable and stylish. Given the characteristics, Blugame BG62 is ideal for sea-lovers and water-sport passionate. Its hull is designed specifically for good seaworthiness in any weather condition, while the open stern deck matches customers’ needs for many activities.

Ips is the answer

In terms of propulsion, the requirement was for low fuel consumption – high efficiency, low noise and vibration, and reduced dimensions. Volvo Penta Ips ticks all the boxes, while another peculiarity of the system makes it even more a good choice for the BG62: we are talking of maneuverability, as Bluegame yachts are mainly operated by owners and their families, without the help of a captain or crew, and the joystick driving and docking system make their life easier and safer.

Check the new frontier: Volvo Penta self-docking system 

The BG62 can be installed with either twin Volvo Penta Ips 1200 or Ips 1350. In both cases, the engine is the D13, inline six unit displacing 12.8 liters. On the former it delivers 900 hp, while on the latter the power is 1000 hp.

Bluegame boatyard also builds a 42-ft model, again with volvo Ips (600), and of the four new models planned for the immediate future the intention is to have the same propulsion system on all of them.

If you want to know more about Volvo Penta D13 engines, the most powerful engine from the Swedish manufacturer, here’s everything about it

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