New in 2019: Yamaha Waverunner VX Series and EXR jet-skis

Following market’s demand, the Japanese builder introduces new Yamaha Waverunner models. The VX Series gets totally renewed, while the new EXR model is launched.

According to owners, it’s the presence of impressive and advanced technical features that really makes the difference when it comes to choosing a watercraft – giving them the assurance that they are buying the best of the best – packed with the sort of innovation and enjoyable performance. For this reason, Yamaha decided to introduce many changes to their Yamaha Waverunner range of jet-skis.

Special FX

On one hand the latest-generation of the 4-model FX Series has undergone a complete re-design in many key areas and the adoption of more of the latest high-tech systems and features.
It all starts with the new aerodynamic styling of the gunwale fully reflects the heritage of the FX but gives it a fresh look. But that’s not the main change.

Now the Yamaha Waverunner FX feature electronic control functions that range from the builder’s RiDE system to the cutting-edge electronic throttle system with Reverse Traction Control, Cruise Assist, 3-position No Wake Mode, to finish with Yamaha electronic trim system for shifting on-the-fly.

The hull has changed as well
with a new-generation design
that promises to deliver comfort,
dynamic stability, neutral steering
and predictable handling

Another innovation is an industry-first: we’re talking of the so-called CONNEXT color touch-screen to replace instruments and commands. It delivers clear concise information and lets you interact with the jet-ski and control it in a practical way.
Then again, the Multi-Mount system allows to take your music speakers along with you, or a GPS/fish finder, or even a cup of coffee, securely mounted to the body of the new FX.

The hull has changed as well, with a new-generation design that promises to deliver more comfort, better dynamic stability, neutral steering and more predictable handling.
In the long list of modifications, we also have to mention a softer, wider and deeper reboarding step and dual grab handles to stern, the footwell drainage system, and the increased level of storage, some of it watertight. Finally, new color schemes characterize the fully renovated FX Series.

An all-new model for 2019, the EXR takes the ‘affordable performance’ concept to a new level, with its high speed and agile handling.
The EX Series has been reckoned as one of the reference watercrafts in terms of affordability and value for money. Now the faster EXR joins the family. It’s a powerful and sporty jet-ski with some unique features like a new hull and body design which uses the ultra-lightweight NanoXcel2 material, delivering faster speeds and acceleration as well as agile handling. As typical for Yamaha Waverunner models, the new EX sports the trade-mark RiDE technology, but there’s much more. Like a 50 liter fuel capacity, or easy-to-read multifunction colored LCD meters, a 2-tone seat for riding solo or with friends, practical storage, a towing hook, comfortable re-boarding facilities, and a bold color and graphics scheme.

Finally, the 2019 Yamaha Waverunner lineup is completed with some changes to the sportiest GP1800R and VXR in order to further increase performance. Race-inspired ride plates and top loader intake grates, give both models sharper and more agile handling, together with better hook-up in rough water and tight cornering ability. The GP1800R already has the latest super-lightweight NanoXcel2 hull, but now this material is also used for the hull of the VXR, giving it the same advantages of better acceleration, speed and handling. To underline the changes, new colors and patterns are available for the hull.

Look also the succesfull and affordable VX Series

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