Ranieri Cayman 21 Sport and Mercury 115, when good news come together

Double debut in the sea of Sicily for the Cayman 21 Sport, the largest of the new RIBs from Ranieri International, and the 115 EFI Mercury outboard, ready for Genoa Boat Show.

Salvatore Ranieri, boss of the Yard that carries his family name, wanted to create a range of RIBs to transfer the Company’s know how from rigid boats, and complete the offer to potential customers. So, in their typical way, Ranieri International offer now a range of inflatables whose key features are performance and build construction, still keeping a competitive value-for-money ratio.

If you want to enjoy the new Ranieri Cayman 21 Sport, you have to sign a check for less than 20000 Euros, excluding taxes and the engine. And talking of the engine, the new Mercury 115 proves to be the best choice, with the American four-cylinder becoming immediately the new benchmark in its segment. Could you imagine a better debut?

ranieri cayman 21 sport

Ranieri Cayman 21 Sport

There’s little new to say in the general layout, but the new Cayman conquers for the execution. Starting with the two-tone livery, with a wise use of the black to give movement and elegance, without covering with hot patches the parts used for stepping and laying. The large fore sunpad hides a roomy locker, whose smooth finish helps the cleaning. The fiberglass bow tip is perfectly sized for the anchor winch.

The center console is simple, yet rational and well designed: there’s space enough for all the electronics and the Plexiglas windshield is framed by a sturdy handrail, useful during fast cruising. Only remark, we would have preferred a more original wheel. The only way to pilot is, of course, by standing and leaning on the backseat, but the surprise is underneath when we discover that despite being on a 21, there’s a full closet with stove, sink, and a tilting table. The aft bench can turn into a tanning bed by simply leaning the backseat, and the side fiberglass is conveniently finished with a soft cover. On both sides of the engine, two swim platforms (one features a retractable ladder) give access to the water.

ranieri cayman 21 sport ranieri cayman 21 sport ranieri cayman 21 sport ranieri cayman 21 sport

Mercury 115 EFI

We wrote a lot already about the new Mercury 115 EFI, but we can add that after little time it’s one of the main choices in this segment of the market. Four in line, 2064 cc, and just 163 Kg: it’s lighter than the 1.7 liters it replaces, but even of the two-stroke Optimax, being the lightest in this range of power despite the largest (displacement-wise). Add to this a 23% increase in the torque value around 3500 rpm, which is the most common range of use. All of this has been made possible thanks to the extreme building simplicity: single camshaft, two valves per cylinder, needle bearings to reduce grip. It’s the same philosophy seen on the larger Mercury 150.

Also available for this engine is a sturdier leg, called CT (command Thrust) for heavier duties and better acceleration. The standard final ratio of 2.07:1 is the best compromise for efficiency and performance, while the CT features a 2.38:1 and a larger gearbox, more suitable to harder usage such as on planing and heavy boats.
The new engine cover looks good, but it’s been designed for a better air intake, while reducing noise and vibration. The peculiar position of the throttle valve, and a noise filter on the idle exhaust further reduce the decibels, while a new trim pump is designed for more quietness as well. New silent blocks and a different design of the gearbox complete the package in order to minimize NVH.

Test BoatMag

On a maintenance point of view, the new outboards have been designed with much attention to avoid corrosion : thus copper and stainless steel details, and the MercFusion varnish specifically designed to face the hardest marine environment. Even the ordinary maintenance has been simplified: the single camshaft distribution made service intervals longer, while even installation is quicker thanks to specific parts and common platforms across the range.
Finally, we remind that the new 2.1 liters is available in three power steps: 80, 100 and 115. Much likely, the latter will be the most popular.

The test

The sea outside Catania is calm, an ideal condition to push the throttle and release all the power of the Mercury. Which, thanks to its displacement, pushes much more than you expect in this segment. What is really impressive is the quietness, once planing, and the fuel consumption, also thanks to the CT leg and the Enertia 20” propeller.
In less than five seconds we get to the plane at around 4000 rpm, then the engine revs up to 6200, for a speed exceeding 38 knots and an hourly consumption of 43 lph. The minimum planing pace is at 11,2 knots and 3000 rpm, burning just 10 lph, but push it WOT and in 17 seconds you are again at top speed. Simple figures that underline the good fluidity of the 115 EFI, while the seaworty hull of the Cayman 21 never suffers such an exuberant output.
The throttle lever is a bit rough to operate, and the steering wheel feels hard sometimes. Electronic lever and power pump would be better for such a RIB, whose sincere reactions are total fun when crossing the wakes of other boats to check the handling. And we steer more and more, we veer tighter and tighter, but even far beyond what anybody would reasonably do, there’s no way to feel unsafe.

Technical features

Length overall6,45 mt (21 ft 2 in)
Beam2,50 mt (8 ft 2 in)
Tubular diameter 0,60 mt (1 ft 11)
Displacement600 Kg
Minimum engine70 HP
Maximum engine175 HP
Fuel tank165 lt (43.6 US gal)
Fresh water tank45 lt (12 US gal, optional)
CE design categoryB


1000 rpm     3,6 knots     4,14 mph     2,3 l/h     0,6 gph     63 db
1500 rpm     4,8 knots     5,52 mph     3,8 l/h      1,0 gph67 db
2000 rpm     6,1 knots     7,02 mph     5,9 l/h      1,6 gph73 db
2500 rpm     7,8 knots     8,98 mph    8,8 l/h      2,3 gph76 db
3000 rpm     12,7 knots    14,61 mph   11,6 l/h    3,1 gph84 db
3500 rpm     18,3 knots    21,06 mph   13,8 l/h    3,6 gph84 db
4000 rpm     23,3 knots    26,81 mph   20,2 l/h   5,3 gph81 db
4500 rpm     25,6 knots    29,46 mph   22,0 l/h   5,8 gph83 db
5000 rpm     30,2 knots   34,75 mph   29,0 l/h   7,7 gph86 db
5500 rpm     35,0 knots   40,28 mph   37,0 l/h   9,8 gph88 db
6000 rpm     37,8 knots   43,5 mph     41,2 l/h    10,9 gph89 db
6200 rpm     38,1 knots   43,84 mph   43,5 l/h    11,5 gph90 db

Test conditions

Calm sea, temperature 28° C (82° F), fuel 55 lt (14 US gal), fresh water 15 lt (4 US gal), passengers 3, clean hull

Standard features

Complete helm station – Luxury dashboard – Closed-cell cushions – towing hooks – Counter-molded anchor locker – Transom locker – Counter-molded bow locker and sun pad – Stnad-up locker – Console locker – Manual inflating pump – Full electrical wiring – Navigation lights – Fiberglass bow tip – 4 S/S cleats – Electric switchboard – Swim platforms with retractable ladder – Foredeck sunpad – Automatic bilge pump – Aft bench with tilting backseat – Front bench – Pilothouse backseat – Fuel tank in reticulated polypropylene – Full helm rigging – Two-tone tubulars black/white


Anchor and chain – Compass – Spotlight on roll-bar – S/S refrigerator – 12V electric inflating pump – Fresh water tank and shower – Stereo – Waterski pole kit – Transom sun pad kit – Bow table – S/S tilting roll-bar with awning – Electric anchor winch with fiberglass and steel bow-roller – Lifting hooks – Luxury fabrics – Aft tilting table – Teak covered swim platforms – Console and RIB covers – S/S and canvas bimini – Hydraulic helm pump – Electric horn.

Cayman 21 Sport, excluding engine€ 19,900 + VAT

Builder Ranieri International (IT)


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