Z Nautic strongly believes in Bombard brand, and you should too

Two ranges of ribs and two ranges of foldable boats: Bombard has built its reputation around functional, safe and reliable marine boats and the new line-up will also catch attention for the great value for money.

In 1952 Alain Bombard, a then 27 year old doctor and passionate sailor, left Las Palmas in the Canary Islands. He set sail on the Heretic, an inflatable boat, without food or water. Two months later he landed safe and sound in Barbados after sailing through horrific conditions. His 1958 book, The Bombard Story, led him to worldwide fame. His name remains synonymous to survival at sea, and he is also linked with ocean preservation.

Safe and affordable

Given this heritage, it’s comes to no surprise if Bombard boats (part of Z Nautic group, and sharing their features with Zodiac products) are a synonymous of safe and robust products, and now there’s a complete line-up of products to meet boaters’ needs. Two line-ups actually: two ranges of ribs (Explorer and Sunrider) and another two of foldable boats (Commando and Typhoon).

Still maintaining their fame as a symbol of robustness, Bombard wanted to go further with a new design and a wider range of colors and materials. And they did, with models spacing from 4.20 meters up to 7 meters. A wide choice of options and accessories complete the standard equipment, allowing to configure any model according to the preferred water activities.

But Bombard has especially focused on price, in order to provide boats that – they reckon – are 20% more affordable on average, positioning the brand as the best value for money in the segment.
As a full-fledged brand of the Z Nautic Group, Bombard benefits from Zodiac‘s expertise, both in terms of design and after-sales services, with a 2-year warranty for the hull and 5-year warranty for the tubular.

This new offer will enable the brand to accelerate their international development. The launch just happened, at the Nautic in Paris at the beginning of December. But it’s not just about Europe: Bombard ribs will soon be visible at the boat show in Phuket, Thailand starting on January 4th, 2019.
We wait to test the first Bombard ribs of the new range, to see if they’re worthy of their claim “safety on the sea is no joke”.

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