Beneteau Sea Drive Concept, designed by the Peugeot Design Lab, wins the Janus Award

It’s been designed by a French giant for another: the Beneteau Sea Drive Concept By Peugeot Design Lab has just received the Janus Award from the French Institute of Design at the Quai d’Orsay in Paris.

When two big players in French manufacturing join their forces, at least for a new design approach, we can be sure that the institutions don’t overlook it. Especially if they are from the same Country…and so the advanced Beneteau Sea Drive Concept, a study made for the boatbuilder by Peugeot Design Lab, has been awarded by the French Institute of Design with the Janus prize.

Cooperation is always appreciated

The jury appreciated the ergonomics and streamlined look of this nautical dashboard, inspired by the Peugeot i-Cockpit seen on the latest Peugeot cars like 208 or 508, as well as Beneteau’s Ship Control connected technology. Members of the jury also recognized the cooperation between automotive and nautical designers to create a concept that undoubtedly represents the future of nautical dashboards.

This is the first award received by the Beneteau Sea Drive Concept. The idea behind the helm station is to maximize the ergonomics, agility and control of a powerboat’s driver. Its design is built around a seamless blend of touchscreens and physical buttons. Premium materials such as stitched Nappa leather and satin chrome keys want to underline Peugeot’s expertise.

Beneteau Ship Control’s connectivity allows
to consult information about the boat:
navigation, engine regime, level of the
batteries and reserves, air conditioning, …

As for the Beneteau Ship Control interface, it is an onboard computer which assists in both navigation and life onboard the boat. Its connectivity allows crew members to consult information about the boat: navigation, engine regime, control of the level of the batteries and reserves, air conditioning, lighting, and hi-fi.

On the automotive side, Peugeot i-Cockpit has already convinced over five million drivers, since its introduction in 2012. It is the way the dashboard is designed on models such 208, 2008, 308, 3008, 5008 and the latest saloon and estate 508.

The Sea Drive Concept has the same features: a compact steering wheel to ease maneuverability, a touchscreen to give driver access to the boat’s functionalities via the Ship Control interface, and toggle switches to control the main functions. A detachable tablet, specific to the Sea Drive Concept, shows navigation information at eye-level.

The Janus labels of excellence are awarded by the French Institute of Design and recognize innovative creations. The jury consists of 50 independent experts who evaluate the projects according to five criteria: Economy, Aesthetics, Ergonomics, Ethics and Emotion. The Janus labels have existed for 65 years.

In the above photo, Luca Brancaleon, General Manager of Beneteau, sitting on the real-world Beneteau Sea Drive Concept.

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