New in 2019: Mercury 5hp Propane FourStroke is powerful, convenient and reliable

A small engine with a good power-to-weight ratio and an important plus: Mercury 5hp Propane FourStroke runs on propane, as the name say, so it’s clean and practical. And safe too.

The new Mercury 5hp Propane FourStroke delivers portability, reliability and convenience running on alternative clean-burning fuel. It can be the perfect choice for aluminum boats, inflatables or sailboats, as at 27.2 kilograms it’s light and easy to carry or transport. More, with a 123cc displacement, the new outboard claims to offer best-in-class power by delivering a true 5hp.

From cooking to cruising

The main feature of the Mercury 5hp Propane FourStroke is the fuel it runs on, though. The clean gas it uses is the same conventional propane we use on a grill, or on a camping stove. It’s also friendly to the environment with 30% lower exhaust emissions compared to gasoline.

With a safety-first approach, the outboard comes standard with a propane auto shut-off valve on the engine and in the fuel hose connector. Starting is made easy with the manual choke, which enriches the fuel-to-air ratio for fast and reliable starts, particularly when the engine is cold. Auto decompression reduces the pull force when using the starter rope.

The 5hp Propane FourStroke sports an easy-to-reach shift lever on the engine and has six tilt positions with a shallow-water drive to set the outboard where you need it.
The so-called Sail Power model is designed for boaters who use a small outboard to pilot their sailboat, and it has some additional features:

  • 20-inch (508 mm) or 25-inch (635 mm) shaft lengths
  • 12 Volt, 4 Amp / 50-Watt alternator charging system with cable in order to charge a battery to run electronics or lights
  • Reverse-thrust exhaust relief and high-thrust propeller for slow-speed handling and control.

Mercury 5hp Propane FourStroke makes its global debut at the Toronto and Düsseldorf International Boat Shows. Availability for the EMEA market will be July 2019.

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