Here’s the new Yamaha F375 XTO, ready to fill another gap

After the most powerful stock engine with 425 hp, the new Yamaha F375 XTO is another unseen powerstep for the Japanese manufacturer. It has been launched in Düsseldorf and shares the technology with the bigger brother.

8V architecture, 5600cc displacement, direct injection, fully electric steering: it’s some of the peculiarities of the new outboard motor Yamaha F375 XTO, which just debuted at Düsseldorf Boot. Its powerstep is quite unusual, as competitors like to stick to 350 or 400 hp figures.

Plenty of technology, even from automotive

The direct injection system is typical on all diesel and many gas engines on cars: but in this sector is exclusive to Yamaha. The high pressure injection in the combustion chamber improves the fuel vaporization, to the advantage of power and efficiency.
The system features five fuel pumps and generates a pressure of up to 200 bar. The three-stage pressure system also includes two independent fuel pumps which are activated at specific rpm levels and which are contained within the vapor separator tank (VST). This ensures a steady and precise fuel flow, even at the highest revs.

The In-Bank exhaust of the new Yamaha F375 XTO provides a direct path for the gas to the bottom unit and outside through the center of the propeller pin, improving its flow: an easier drain means also an optimized combustion efficiency, and consequently higher power with the same consumption.
F375 XTO features a two-stage water pump and a double-chamber oil pump, each designed for constant operation, suitable for a high number of revs. The water pump is equipped with a high-pressure rubber impeller, together with a steel impeller: the two provide high-volume cooling water flow and accurate temperature control at all speeds, even in extreme conditions.
In addition to a careful study of the resistance of parts such as gearbox, gears, fixing plate and engine mounts, the new Yamaha has a plasma casting technology for cylinder liners, which means lower dimension and longer life.
The micro-structure of the surface is indeed 60% more resistant compared to steel, and much lighter, thus improving the capacity of the engine without increasing its size. Lower surface friction also helps optimize fuel economy.

“the fully integrated electric steering system
works with the fully integrated Helm Master control system which includes the joystick-controlled mooring functions

The engine sports a double overhead camshaft for each bank, driven by a self-regulating chain immersed in an oil bath. To prolong the life of the valves, they are carbon coated: this ensures a silent and precise operation.
Another first is the fully integrated electric steering system. Again, it is a technology already seen on cars, as it saves weight and fuel compared to a traditional hydraulic system. In addition, it responds more quickly and smoothly than conventional systems, and allows a clean and tidy assembly.

The new control solution is designed to combine the Yamaha F375 XTO with the fully integrated Helm Master control system designed by the manufacturer, which includes the joystick-controlled mooring functions and a CL7 color display.
The new Yamaha XTO OS propellers are made to enhance the high torque of this engine: the new shape of the blades grants more thrust in both forward and reverse, with diameters between 16 and 17⅛ inches.
Thanks to the new exhaust venting system, the propellers give a further advantage: when you reverse, they work in clean water, generating a thrust three times higher than – for instance – Yamaha F350 outboard motor.
Among the remaining features of the F375 is worth a mention the chance to replace the gearbox oil when the boat is still in the water; and the remarkable figure of 90 Amps of gross power coming from the alternator.
The new Yamaha F375 XTO will be available on the market from next fall, in the typical gray of the brand.

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