Volvo Penta Easy Connect gets improvements, as suggested by boat owners

As we are all connected, all the time, Volvo Penta Easy Connect gets an upgrade with total connectivity in mind. The feedback comes from the best experts: boat owners themselves.

Smartphones, tablets, laptops and more. Today connectivity is something we take for granted, and which we wouldn’t give up ever. At Volvo Penta they know it, that’s why the Volvo Penta Easy Connect application has been just upgraded with one thing in mind: to be connected. And the improvements designed by the Company’s experts have been suggested by users, through their feedback.

Everything, everywhere

Volvo Penta Easy Connect provides users with data related to the engine, boat, and routes taken – directly to their smartphone or tablet – which can be viewed again when back on land. Since its launch on iOS in 2018, there have been several updates, including its introduction to Android devices, D1 and D2 engines, and Twin non-EVC, all of which have expanded the benefits to a broader audience. Now, the app offers even more.

Boaters can now create a Volvo Penta ID that’s connected to the cloud. This enables users to access boat data across multiple devices, and making it even easier to share trips and information with the whole family. As Easy Connect evolves, having a Volvo Penta ID account will give boaters even more access to key information and features.

With the new update, Easy Connect is available in 11 languages. Beside the advantage of using own’s native language, having this choice should make it easier for boat owners to interpret and share data from the application with their local dealer for any service or support needs. Volvo Penta Easy Connect is available in the following languages:
• English
• Swedish
• Danish
• French
• Turkish
• Italian
• Dutch
• Finnish
• Spanish
• German
• Portuguese

What is Volvo Penta Easy Connect

Easy connect expands to benefit more boaters

Another feature is the chance to access the owner’s manuals through Easy Connect. Being part of one’s Easy Connect ID, now it can be specifically tailored according to the features of each boater’s equipment.

Answers to frequently asked questions are already accessible directly through the app, providing a quick way to get support. Easy Connect users are able to get additional help through a dedicated email address,, which will be linked from the app.
Owners now get notifications to keep them informed about new features and current system updates. They can also share information through the mobile dashboard that allows them to provide data quickly and accurately to authorized Volvo Penta service dealers, lowering maintenance time and improving precision.

All the Volvo Penta Easy Connect updates will be available from the App Store and Google Play in March 2019. For current app users, these updates will take place automatically and users will be prompted to create a Volvo Penta ID.
Being consistent with what inspired this last updates, Volvo Penta invites passionate boaters to engage in an online dialogue to share their ideas and desires for the future.

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