Volvo Penta goes Electric in Gothenburg: it’s ElectriCity

In the next phase of Gothenburg’s project to connect residents with a seamless, low-emission commuting network, a Volvo Penta powered electric ferry service is being introduced into the ElectriCity transport ecosystem.

An all-electric ferry service is to be added to Gothenburg‘s existing electric bus service. The electric marine propulsion system is being provided by Volvo Penta, who joins the ElectriCity initiative following the commitment by sister company’s Volvo Buses. Aimed to be the model of future clean urban development, the new electric-powered ferry will link both sides of the Göta River.

It’s just the first step

Part of the project called ElectriCity, Volvo Penta powered electric vessel will be the first fully-electric ferry in the city able to complete longer, multi-stop routes along the river, and ultimately incorporate quick charging capabilities. It’s not a brand new craft, but a reconverted unit.

Volvo electric bus in Gothenburg

The work involved removing diesel engine-powered marine drivelines and replacing them with a battery-electric propulsion system of equal power (although it delivers considerably more maximum torque). The current plan is for the refit to get underway early next year, with the target of the ferry entering commercial service on the Göta river by the end of 2020. Initially, the ferry will be charged overnight, supported by an onboard genset running on HVO (vegetable oil). The first stone is laid, and once again it’s in Scandinavia.

Volvo Penta unveils hybrid marine propulsion system

Volvo Penta goes electric, and 2021 is the deadline

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