Lomac Adrenalina 8.5 and Evinrude G2: if you love strong emotions

The Adrenalina series has been designed for lovers of speed and racing. Lomac Adrenalina 8.5 is the intermediate version, and with those two Evinrude G2…

An undoubtedly large range to offer (eight line-ups, 60 models), Lomac has created a series for those who want to go fast on the water taking full advantage of the engines. So the name Adrenalina (it means, of course, adrenaline) is the result of the emotions that can be lived in the water, and it expresses the desire for innovation of the yard, which entered the inflatable segment back in the Sixties.

The hull of Lomac Adrenalina 8.5 is built using the twinshell system, while the tubular features classic lines, with a diameter of 58 cm and five watertight chambers. There’s a wide choice for customization, with twelve different colors for the tubular and the fiberglass structures, and a rich package of options.

The test

We tested Lomac Adrenalina 8.5 in Genoa during the Boat Show. The unit was equipped with the maximum power allowed (450 hp): in our case it was a couple of Evinrude G2 HO (the most exuberant version) delivering 225 hp. The propellers have four blades and a pitch of 20″, whose position didn’t allow us to exceed 5,500 rpm with trim tabs at 20%. The yard recommends lower power choices, such as a 350 hp single motor or a pair of 200.

On moderate sea there’s two of us on board and a full tank of fuel: brilliant engines and a sporty hull match very well, and Lomac Adrenalina 8.5 gets into plane in 2″ and still keeps it down to 2,000 rpm and 14.8 knots. The bow is advanced and each side of the hull has three skids running the full length: this design allows us to turn up to a speed of 38 knots.

Let’s not forget that this is a sporty model, whose handling, especially with much power, requires experience, even if the boat helps with a prompt feedback.

The sharp deadrise of Lomac Adrenalina 8.5 guarantees soft passages on the waves, while the tubular limits the water grip

We have reached 5,500 rpm and a top speed of 54 knots, but the main figure is another one: 38 knots at 4000. A comfy cruise for the motors, at a very high speed. Unfortunately, consumption readings were not available but, knowing these outboards from Evinrude, we are sure they are not high.

The sharp deadrise of Lomac Adrenalina 8.5 guarantees soft passages on the waves, while the tubular, which is raised from water in the back part, limits the water grip. About the helm station and its ergonomics, everything feels at the right place, and we got no sprays on board despite an exuberant driving.

On board

Capable of transporting up to 16 passengers, Adrenalina 8.5 features a large sun bed to bow with a removable section which becomes a table.
To aft the couch leaves a passage on the port side for reaching the platform and the motors. The technical area underneath oah a piston-assisted lid and internal light.

A second couch is in front of the consolle, but the rounded shape makes it less functional. Lift it though, and you access the space which houses a potty (an electrical WC is optional).

Lomac Adrenalina 9.5, when the name says it all

The dashboard is sporty and the windshield tapers more than usual. The driver has a stand for piloting upright and a seatback for when they want to sit.
Under the seat it is possible to have a kitchenette, while a 50 l refrigerator and a second, teak table serves the back couch guests. Check the gallery for a comprehensive selection of photos.

The numbers of Lomac Adrenalina 8.5

  • Length overall ……………. 8.49 m (27ft 10in)
  • Beam ……………. 2.96 m (9ft 8in)
  • Displacement w/o engines ……………. 1750 Kg
  • Tubular diameter ……………. 0.85 m (2ft 9in)
  • Chambers ……………. 5
  • Fuel reserve ……………. 310 l (81 US gal)
  • Fresh water reserve ……………. 80 l (21 US gal)
  • Max output ……………. 2 x 225 hp
  • Suggested output ……………. 1 x 350 hp / 2 x 200
  • Passengers ……………. 16
  • Ce certification ……………. C


rpm knots
1000 5,5
1500 7,3
2000 14,8
2500 21,5
3000 26,0
3500 31,0
4000 38,0
4500 42,0
5000 48,5
5300 51,3
5500 54,0

Test conditions

Moderate sea, clean hull, fuel 300 l (79 US gal), 2 passengers

Indicative prices (VAT not included)

Lomac Adrenalina 8.5 without engine …………… € 78500
Evinrude G2 225 HO …………… € 17990

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