In 2019, dashboards from Team Italia will equip 36 yachts

The company from Viareggio, Italy is among the leaders in navigation electronics for mega- and maxi yachts. In the current year, their systems will be delivered on 36 units ranging from 25 to over 100 meters.

Viareggio is one of the world’s nautical hubs, not only for the construction of large yachts, but also for the entire supply chain that has found fertile ground to develop and reach relevant positions, each company in their own field.
An example is Team Italia: a company that has specialized in designing and making electronic systems for yachting. In over thirty years of activity, more than 500 projects have been installed on units from 30 to 100 meters in length.

Look around, they’re everywhere

Their 2019 promises to be a great year, since there will be as many as 36 yachts taking to the water with integrated dashboards by Team Italia: among these, the 80-meters by Columbus Yachts, the new 105-meters Benetti and the first 62-meters built by Sanlorenzo. Then there will be the “smallest” yacht in their portfolio, namely the new 25-meter Eco-Tender by Perini Navi, but also the new Pershing 140 and the 50 meters that inaugurates Riva Yacht‘s SuperYachtsDivision.

Perini Eco Tender 25 is the first motoryacht to carry the Perini Navi brand

Team Italia will also install the I-Bridge Air Wings dashboard on the new Codecasa F74.
Worth some more words is the system designed for the new 69-meter Spectre M/Y, built by Benetti. In addition to the usual electronics, there’s also important applications of mechatronic (the discipline that studies the way mechanics, electronics and computer science interact in order to automate the systems), appropriately engineered and built by Team Italia.

The company has planned to attend this year’s Versilia Yachting RendezVous (from 9 to 12 May), then Monaco Yacht Show (from 25 to 28 September) and the Mets Trade in Amsterdam (from 19 to 21 November): in all cases Team Italia will show the aforementioned I-Bridge dashboard to the public, with solutions developed and tested in-house aimed at providing a simple and intuitive user interface, thanks also to the integration of Automation monitoring systems by Onyx Marine, one of the companies part of the group.

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