Ten new models from BWA in Genoa

It’s no less than ten, among the three ranges of ribs, the count of new models for BWA after the Genoa Boat Show.

We start with the BWA Defender line, which is completely new: it’s RIBs measuring 6,5, 7,5 and 8,5 meters (around 21, 24 and 27 feet) designed to bear the toughest impacts. The molds used to produce them are built to host many layers of lamination, while hulls and deck gear (like the saddle seats or the steel handrails) are specifically made for heavy duty use.
Some of these units have been purchased to amuse passengers with thrilling performance and handling, some others were requested as tenders for large yachts. Whatever the destination, BWA offers different aspects of customization, including of course liveries.


The BWA HP Reef range consists of four models identified with the numbers 5.2, 6.2, 7.2 e 8.2, and doubles now the offer thanks to the Dynamic trim of each model. The new, large platforms have been specifically thought for diving, so the overall length increases now for each one (5.7 meters for the smallest, 8.5 for the biggest). The whole decking including the step-on lockers, are now covered in light teak wood, while the two-tone tubular can be chosen in several different colors. Some deck details have been redesigned to further improve functionality and comfort, while a black, perforated bimini debuts and improves air circulation and cool underneath.


Finally, also the BWA Sport range – developed on 19’, 22’ and 26’ models – doubles, thanks to the Limited Edition special series. Main trait is the number of options now featured as standard, and the high level of trim which includes quilted, hazelnut fabrics. The tubular is once again colored in two tones, in particular two shades of grey. All the models can reach high performance with a reasonable power.

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