The renewed Rizzardi Fly 122 is another statement coming from the Palma Boat Show

During the exhibition in the Balearic islands, the Italian shipyard has shown the models of Rizzardi Fly 122 and 90, while the 48IN was in the water.

Rizzardi shipyard wants to state that they are back, alive and kicking. So, for the second year in a row the attended the Palma International Boat Show in Palma de Mallorca, and this year, beside having in the water the latest version of 48IN, they shown to the public not one but two boat models, reproducing what they are going to build: Rizzardi Fly 122 and Rizzardi 90.

High hopes and expectations

This Spring international stage is the ideal showcase for the re-launch of the Fly line, a range on which the shipyard has high expectations. They made relevant investments for its renewal, still maintaining the appreciated family feeling. So on the dock, inside the Rizzardi stand, it was possible to admire the scale models of the Rizzardi Fly 122 and 90. The external look is contemporary: sporty yet elegant, in line with the latest dictates of yacht design. The production philosophy traced by the yard is, of course, that of a custom range, characterized by handcrafting and qualitative connotations aimed at satisfying the customer’s needs. In fact, each model is tailored on the needs and tastes of the owner.

In the water, instead, there was the latest Rizzardi 48IN, a sports boat that combines performance with a bold look emphasized by the colors of the hull.

Rizzardi 48IN: mean machine

The yacht is appreciated for its tapered silhouette and focuses on the ideal match between hull, surface transmissions and powertrain. It features top-end technology, with systems that allow to maneuver the yacht with a joystick, which works on the electronic management of the propulsion system and the bow thruster.

Rizzardi 48 IN: a customized sport-coupé in just 15 meters

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