Volvo Penta D4 and D6 engines get more power, improvements

Volvo Penta D4 and D6 marine propulsion units get a full update that delivers more power, increased reliability and lower cost of ownership. The power ranges from 150 to 480 hp.

With over 100,000 units built and installed worldwide, Volvo Penta D4 and D6 engines can be deemed a very good success. Now the Swedish manufacturer wants to stretch this advantage even further. The 3.7 liter D4 and the 5.5 liter D6 units, designed solely for marine purposes, have been reengineered to deliver on the increasing demand for more reliability and more output. They are available in a range of power between 150 and 480 hp, and they are part of fully integrated systems – so called “helm to prop” – matched to differents transmissions such as IPS, Aquamatic sterndrive, shaft and water-jet.

So many new aspects

The list of performance upgrades includes a new engine management system, new fuel injection system, new turbocharger and a new supercharger.

In top specification the Volvo Penta D4 now has a maximum output of 320 hp, while the D6 can reach 480 hp. Offering up to 10% more power across the range, these engines are also more fuel efficient – between 1% to 7%. The cylinder head, pistons, and valves are reengineered to withstand higher torque as well as meeting higher reliability and durability requirements, so new materials has been introduced such as a Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating on the piston pin to reduce friction and increase durability. The common rail fuel injection system now features higher pressure – 2,000 bar. Controlled by a new Engine Management System, this enables more precise calibration of parameters controlling the injection, so the engines run smoother and are more fuel efficient.

Volvo Penta IPS turns ten

Volvo Penta news: Active Corrosion Protection, Repositioning for DPS, Active Ride Control

They also offer reduced maintenance costs, thanks to extended service intervals, fewer service items, and simpler maintenance operations. The upgraded Electronic Vessel Control (EVC) system meanwhile delivers improved service capabilities through an onboard service assistant that provides information about time left to next service.

D4/D6 technical specifications: IPS

  • Model____HP_RPM
  • D6-IPS400 300 3,300
  • D6-IPS450 340 3,400
  • D6-IPS500 380 3,500
  • D6-IPS600 440 3,700
  • D6-IPS650 480 3,700

D4/D6 technical specifications: Sterndrive

  • Model__HP_RPM
  • D4-150A 150 3,400
  • D4-230A 230 3,500
  • D4-270A 270 3,500
  • D4-300A 300 3,500
  • D4-320A 320 3,600
  • D6-300A 300 3,300
  • D6-340A 340 3,400
  • D6-380A 380 3,500
  • D6-400A 400 3,500
  • D6-440A 440 3,700

D4/D6 technical specifications: Inboard

  • Model__HP_RPM
  • D4-175 I 175 2,800
  • D4-230 I 230 3,400
  • D4-270 I 270 3,500
  • D4-300 I 300 3,500
  • D4-320 I 320 3,600
  • D6-300 I 300 3,300
  • D6-340 I 340 3,400
  • D6-380 I 380 3,500
  • D6-440 I 440 3,700
  • D6-480 I 480 3,700

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