Volvo Penta, ABB and Chalmers to study fast charging-at-sea

Volvo Penta has announced that they are to complete a feasibility study together with ABB and Chalmers University of Technology to evaluate tech that can provide fast charging of electric vessels.

I believe we don’t need to stress once again the commitment of Volvo Penta to green boating. Not that they’re the only ones, but for sure they’re taking different directions at once. Just take a look at the links to our articles below.
In this case, the Swedish manufacturer has decided to explore a way to charge electric boats in the fastest possible way. In order to do the research, they established a partnership with ABB in Sweden and Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. The key to an electric navigation is to develop a network of fast charging stations, and the one-year project aims at identifying the more promising solutions.

Thanks Buses

The research team does not have to start from scratch, thanks to the previous work of other business areas of the Volvo Group. Volvo Buses – again in collaboration with organizations such as ABB, Chalmers University of Technology and City of Gothenburg – has developed a fast charging network to support its two electric bus routes in the city. The feasibility study will assess if similar technology could be adapted for marine applications.

Safety of the equipment will be a high priority of the project; for operators and passengers, considering the combination of high currents and saltwater. And while the project is only at the inception stage, it already has a clear ambition that the final technology adopted will be open source, helping to speed up the adoption of electromobility globally.

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Upon completion of the feasibility study, Volvo Penta says that the fast charging technology will be incorporated into Gothenburg’s Marine Demo Arena and become part of the ElectriCity public transport network.

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