Beneteau Flyer 6 and 7 get a refreshment inspired by the larger ones

After renovating Flyer 8 and 10, it’s now time for the French brand to change Beneteau Flyer 6 and 7. Let’s see what’s new with these successful daycruisers.

The Flyer range is undergoing a whole restyling, and it’s now time for the smaller models. Beneteau Flyer 6 and 7 take from larger 8 and 10 new deck layouts, while the construction quality and the smart solutions are still there.

Honey, I shrunk the kids

The first challenge was to keep the same livable space while reducing the beam (for towing reasons), which is now 2.28 m for Flyer 6 and 2.48 for Flyer 7. As for the onboard features, once again they grant the best livability, in order to please all the passengers that the boats can host (six and nine, respectively).

Beneteau Flyer 7 measures 7.20 meters overall (6.13 is the LH), for a displacement of 1311 kg and a maximum output of 200 hp. The displacement figure does not include the motor though.

Beneteau Flyer 6, on its side, is 5.56 m long (5.40 m LH) and displaces 1026 kg without the engine, which can be 115 hp maximum. Flyer 7 also features the Airstep2 hull, a technical solution which helps getting into plane faster and being more stable at speed.

As customary for the boatyard, both models will be available in two different versions in order to satisfy different boaters. The SunDeck version has a closed foredeck which hosts a sun bed on top and a cabin beneath. The SpaceDeck, on the other hand, bets it all on open spaces: a center console and an open bow which houses a solarium or a dinette.

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That’s it so far, based on the info and renderings that we’ve got, so let’s wait just a little time as both models will debut during the Fall boat show season.

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