We’ve seen all the FPT Industrial range of marine engines in one place

FPT Industrial has recently shown all of their range of marine propulsions, during the Genoa Boat Show. Power output from 85 to 825, with two lines particularly important for pleasure navigation: Cursor and NEF

All the models in the marine range of FPT Industrial can be used on work or pleasure boats: that is why they can be matched to shaft drives, stern drives, or ZF-pods, and can fit to fast patrol boats, people carriers, and leisure yachts.
Thanks to a constant work from the six R&D centers located in Europe, China, North- and South-America, the engines feature among the best power-to-displacement ratios, and can count on a widespread network of after sales point (over 900).
It’s then understandable how the Pilots Body of the Genoa Port Authority decided to fit the new “Borea” pilot boat with twin Cursor C90 620, to work 24/7 in every weather and sea condition.

Cursor C90 650 and Cursor C13 825

The two inline six from the Cursor range displace 8.7 and 12.9 liters respectively. The C90 650 features a last generation common rail injection system, with electronic control and pipe integrated in the block cover, while the C13 825 goes for pump-injectors. Both units mount a fixed-pitch, water-cooled turbocharger, with waste-gate valve and air post-cooling. The C90 650 develops 650 HP at 2530 rpm, with a maximum torque of 2.150 Nm at 1.700 rpm. The C13 825 produces 825 HP and a peak torque of 2.625 Nm at 1.800 rpm. Both units, grant low consumption and emissions, according to the main international laws. They are the basis for the Caterpillar Cat C8.7 and Cat C12.9 engines.

NEF N67 570

The main figures of this engine, like the power-to-weight (0.87 HP/Kg) and the power-to-displacement (84,4 HP/liter) ratios, highlight the leadership in its segment. The N67 570 is an inline six with a 6.7 liter displacement, four valves per cylinder, laste-gen common rail and turbocharger with waste-gate and intercooler. The block proved to be very reliable and sturdy with victories in many offshore races and records in across-the-sea enterprises.
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