Cancelli Akes 25 Fisherman, all the good sides of aluminum

The owner of this Cancelli Akes 25 has a very clear mind; a professional boat, sturdy but fast, and more economical than the American competitors. That’s how this Akes 25 Fisherman is born.

We already talked about the pros of aluminum. If you totally forgot, we recall a sturdy yet light construction, which is combined – at least for Cancelli shipyard – with the care and the handcraft customization of every model. You can beach the Akes 25 no problem, bear some bangs and scratches here and there without the risk of breaking the hull, and sure it won’t sink thank to the polyurethane injected between the two parts of the hull. Weight-wise, the Akes 25 is just above one Ton, while boats of the same size from USA are twice as much – and cost two times as well. And if you think of smaller engines for the same performance, you realize you’re saving further money.

This is the topics I am discussing with the owner, while we’re both aboard the boat. He comes from southern Italy and lives in Germany, but he found in the northern city of Bergamo, by the Lake Iseo where we are now, the perfect builder for the boat he’ll be using back in his birthplace.


His target is clear: a boat cheaper to buy and run to an American one, but as much as professional. These have been the inputs for Alessandro Chessa, engineer from Sardinia and passionate fisherman, who designed this model. The hull combines the seaworthiness needed for this kind of boats, but good for the Med which is far different from the ocean. As for the deck layout, the owner had the last word, with the care and competence of Cancelli shipyard to please his needs.

The deck of Cancelli Akes 25 Fisherman

The transom could host two swim platforms beside the outboard, but here the priority is gaming so everything that’s not needed is missing. The cockpit features just a short bench. The live well is at starboard, while the rod holders are on the three sides. Port and starboard sides also host lockers for baits and rig. There’s also some cupholders, which we had preferred in Plexiglas.

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The center console is well organized, there’s a canvas top and a protective windshield. The dashboard features all the commands, the engine gauges and the GPS and echo screens. The rudder wheel is pretty horizontal, while the seat is double. Astern, the Akes 25 has a second bench, while the foredeck is all dedicated to the solarium with an extra cushion that goes back to the console.
Under the cushions there’s many roomy lockers, and even the anchor has its one. The handcraft construction is well cured, the welding is perfect while some small details could disturb who is used to fiberglass but it’s just a matter of aesthetics and not even important. All the cushions are well constructed.

The test of Cancelli Akes 25 Fisherman

Lake Iseo on a gray day is not like being at the sea, so in order to properly test the hull I have to cross many times our wake, which by the way is not even that high. The impact is always soft, there’s a very good feeling of safety and steadiness even when we veer tighter and tighter, or when we try a fast slalom.

The owner wanted a single outboard, and went for a reliable and powerful Yamaha F300: “It’s so reliable that I don’t event want a spare engine”, he told us. For sure there’s the immediate feeling that the HP are even too many, so we’re not surprised when we reach 5500 rpm and 39 knots at full throttle, gaining another 300 revs and 3 knots (for a top speed of 42) as we adjust the trim.

The fule consumption at this pace is just shy of 100 lph. As we slow down to 3500 rpm and 25 knots, we get to a more reasonable figure of 30 lph, dropping to 11 at the minimum planing speed, which is an amazing 8 knots at 1900 revs.

Technical features

Length overall     7,50 mt (24 ft 7 in)
Beam     2,55 mt (8 ft 4 in)
Displacement     1050 Kg
Max output allowed     350 HP
Fuel tank     270 lt (71.3 US gal)
Fresh water tank     100 lt (26.4 US gal)

CE categoryB/C

1000 rpm          5,0 knots        5.8 mph        4,9 l/h          1.3 gph
1500 rpm          6,9 knots         7.9 mph        8,1 l/h          2.1 gph
2000 rpm         9,1 knots           10.5 mph     12,8 l/h        3.4 gph
2500 rpm         13 knots          15.0 mph        17,7 l/h        4.7 gph
3000 rpm         19 knots          21.9 mph        23,8 l/h        6.3 gph
3500 rpm         24 knots          27.6 mph        30,0 l/h        7.9 gph
4000 rpm         28 knots         32.2 mph        40,6 l/h         10.7 gph
4500 rpm         31 knots          35.7 mph         53,4 l/h         14.1 gph
5000 rpm        35 knots          40.3 mph          70,0 l/h       18.5 gph
5500 rpm        39 knots          44.9 mph         90,0 l/h        23.8 gph
5800 rpm        42 knots         48.3 mph         98,0 l/h         25.9 gph

Test conditions
Calm lake, temperature 8° C (46° F), fuel 150 lt 39.6 US gal), water 60 lt (15.8 US gal), passengers 3, clean hull

Boat only€ 65.000 + VAT
Yamaha F300,    from € 23.230 + VAT

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