What Yanmar has on display at MetsTrade: two brand new…displays

The Dutch fair is on the go, and Yanmar has just introduced the YD42 Multi-Function Color Display and YD25 LCD Switch Panel Display, along with a complete line-up of engines.

Two new multi-purpose engine switch and instrument displays, ideal for a range of yachts, catamarans, motorboats and ribs. Among the many items that Yanmar is exhibiting at MetsTrade (Amsterdam, 19-21 November), these two units are a world preview.

YD42 Multi-Function Color Display

It features a low-profile glass helm design and a 4.1-inch color screen: the multi-purpose Yanmar YD42 is water-resistant and displays Yanmar engine alarm and diagnostic codes. Users can also view additional information from engine speed and load, oil pressure and coolant temperature, to wind, speed, depth and AIS data. Supporting eight languages, the YD42 is compatible with NMEA 2000 devices and can transmit engine data to other multi-function displays.

YD25 LCD Switch Panel Display

A panel with engine start/stop functionality, the Yanmar YD25 shows all engine data, alarms and diagnostic codes, and also integrates with multi-function displays and glass helm systems. Data screen selection keys allow viewing of information including engine speed, engine load, oil pressure and coolant temperature on four custom screens.

Yanmar engines show their technology for 2019 at Boot Düsseldorf

Yanmar Marine launches Yanmar 4LV sterndrive engines with common rail

Beside the two previews, Yanmar has much more for MetsTrade visitors.
The company recently launched their 4LV sterndrive marine diesel engines fitted with the ZT370 transmission to complete the 4LV series. The latest models strengthen their portfolio, alongside 6LY and 8LV series and the JH common rail (CR) series of sailboat engines.

Offering good acceleration, fuel efficiency, low levels of smoke and odor, and reduced vibration, the comprehensive high-performance range suit a wide variety of vessels from sailboats, superyacht tenders and motorboats to fast sports craft and ski boats.

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