Classy debut for Cayman ribs from Ranieri International

The white/black livery is the common trait across the range of Cayman ribs, that marks the debut of Ranieri International in the inflatable segment after the success of their rigid boats.

It couldn’t have been a better debut. This is the first thought before the four new models that form the Cayman lineup for Ranieri International new rib division. Cayman is a rather bold name, but main features of these boats are their attention for details and their refined look. Without overlooking on seaworthiness, a field where the experience of the Italian shipyard is already a guarantee. The new models are four: from the small 19 Sport, to the 21 Sport, un to the larger 23 declined in Sport and Sport Touring versions.

Ranieri International Cayman 19 sport

Six meters (19 ft 6 in to be precise) are a respectable size for a model that should be called the “entry level”. Then, when you analyze the construction and the solutions, you realize this is a whole rib, ready to offer a lot to the owner.

cayman-19-sport-5-300x185 cayman-19-sport-4-300x185 cayman-19-sport-1-650x401

The engine can reach 150 HP, but even with lower power it will cruise at a good pace offering a cozy front sunbed, a transom bench and a co-pilot seat for the guests on board. The dash is linear, with a protective windscreen framed by a handrail. 500 Kg of displacement and a beam of 2,50 mt (8 ft 2 in) allow an easy towing.

Ranieri International Cayman 21 Sport

Two feet or half a meter more, and the Cayman 21 can host an aft dinette, with room for sink and grill. The folding table is a solution normally found on larger boats. Dashboard and front solarium are similar yet a bit bigger than on the 19, and so is the easiness of towing thanks to the same beam and a displacement of just 600 Kg.


Maximum output allowed is here 175 HP, but in our recent test the new Mercury 115 EFI proved to be an excellent solution to cruise over 38 knots.

VLUU L310 W  / Samsung L310 W cayman-21-sport-8-300x185

Ranieri International Cayman 23 Sport

The top unit of the Cayman range is the 23, declined into Sport and Sport Touring versions. The Sport features the same layout of the 21, but on 7.10 mt (23 ft 4 in), so the passengers allowed reach the number of 15 (they are 12 on the middle version and 10 on the smaller). So, the aft dinette is slightly roomier and the couch can still be folded to become a solarium.

cayman-23-sport-4-650x401 cayman-23-sport-touring-1-650x401

The driver has a back rest, while the aft area gains more inches for the sun pad. The beam is now 2.85 mt (9 ft 4 in) and the displacement 700 Kg: it’s still towable, especially if the tubular is deflated. The top powertrain is a single 250 HP outboard.

Ranieri International Cayman 23 Sport Touring

Same size, but the Sport Touring leaves more space to the center console (to the detriment of the bow solarium), and is able to feature a cabin with a portable potty and a space where to change your swimsuit. The front access is hidden by a forward-oriented bench. The layout is the same of the Sport from the middle abaft, so is the spec sheet.

cayman-23-sport-touring-5-300x185 cayman-23-sport-touring-3-300x185 cayman-23-sport-touring-2-650x401

Common to every Cayman, making difficult to miss one when encountered, is the white and black trim, with seating areas in light shades to avoid overheating, and aft area in dark tones for a classy and distinctive touch.

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