Joker Boat Clubman 35, the not-so-maxi rib is capable of 60 knots

Sixty knots on an 11mt rib, pushed by two 425 hp Yamaha outboards. Still, Joker Boat Clubman 35 can be a quiet craft for pleasant cruises enjoying its space.

Of all the inflatable boats currently on the market, the cabin cruisers are certainly the most popular ones (at least in terms of attention), even if they are not like the stunning maxi ribs.

Joker Boat, with its wide offer of inflatable boats divided into four product lines, is able to fully catch this attention by boaters, also adding some flair and a huge chance of customization with an online configurator, which is not very common in the inflatable boat market.

Big boy for fast cruises

The top of the yard’s offer is in their flagship Joker Boat Clubman 35, which I tested in Genoa. It is 10,70 meter long with an LH of 9,99 meters. The weight without outboards is just above 3 tonnes: thus, in order to enhance the hull’s performance, we need some proper power on the transom.

The maximum number allowed is 900 hp, but the suggested powertrain is two 300 hp units. Of course it all depends on what you want to do, how much weight you usually carry and, obviously, on the budget. The boat I had for my test was pushed by two 425 hp Yamaha XTO V8s, slightly less than the maximum output allowed with 16 1/8 x 23 steel propellers.

Excited at the helm, relaxed on board

I take the Joker Boat Clubman 35 on test with full tanks, fuel and water, which means 700 liters of petrol and 170 of fresh water in its belly, in addition to the on-board equipment, the T-Top and two crew members (including me).

The weather conditions are good, there’s a slight breeze that creates some 30cm waves, but for a rib of this size it is certainly not a problem.
The first number I want is how long it takes to get into planing: the result is 2.5 seconds. And, from 0 to 30 knots it’s just 4.3, slightly more than a blink!

The merit goes to the power delivered by the Yamaha XTO 425 motors, but definitely also to the hull of the Joker Boat Clubman 35. Back to our test, now I keep the trim tabs to zero and push the throttle. At 2,600 rpm we cruise at 18 knots, burning 51 liters per hour; at 3,500 it’s 29.5 knots and 90 lph, while at 4,500 we touch 41 knots using 190 lph.

The Joker Boat Clubman 35 is perfectly balanced on the sea surface, does not suffer speed and maintains excellent handling, which even allows me to start turning at 41 knots without a drift. In a while we’re back to the desired trajectory.

It does not end here, because there’s another 1,500 revs to the maximum. So I push the “pedal to the metal”, still with neutral trim tabs, and it’s 5,000 rpm and 46 knots. There’s still another 1,000 revs.

I work on the trim tabs position progressively, to get familiar with the boat, and raise them up to 40%. The speed increases in proportion and, at 5,500 rpm we touch 54 knots. Another 10% on the tabs, bringing them half their way. I finally reach 6,000 rpm and the speed is 60 knots! What else could you want?

At this point I find it useless to further stress the boat, also because at these speeds the engines need a lot of fuel (in this case at the top of speed, consumption is of 284 liters / hour). In my opinion, the speed to be taken into consideration for normal use can be at around 4,000 rpm, which means 36 knots, using 131 liters per hour (less than half compared to the maximum) and having over 5 hours of navigation range.

Joker Clubman 35 is the flagship from JokerBoat

Yamaha V8 XTO Offshore: 425 HP to break all the boundaries

The comfort of a cruiser with the practicality of a rib

The Joker Boat Clubman 35 was born without a T-Top. The rigid cover is available among the options and is certainly comfortable, although it requires 14,000 euros. It is equipped with a stainless steel structure, with four anchoring points and extensions for the sun awning.

It is of course a choice, as is whether or not to mount the roll bar (only in fiberglass), which many do not like, while others cannot do without it.

Customize means just that: set the boat up according to your taste and needs. There is a lot of space on board, so you can make the most of all areas.

Speaking of space, the bow sundeck can accommodate up to four people and ends with a seatback over the console, so as to offer a chaise-longue position.

To stern, the modular dinette can create a lunch area, a lounge or an additional sundeck, depending on how you adjust the height of the table. To serve the area, there is a modular kitchen cabinet with stainless steel sink, cutting board and refrigerator (hobs are optional).

There’s plenty of lockers available, including one at the stern topped with a cushion, for things to keep close at hand. Other ones can be found under the ‘U’ sofa, one of which contains the electric pump, and more are at the bow below cushions, for winch and equipment.

I like the smart idea of designing the aft cushions so the lids can be lift without removing them. Still worth a mention is the side door for on board access, a hand shower incorporated in a small tub, and the stern platforms, one of which features a swim ladder.

Let’s move to the helm station: it has two bucket seats with a storage compartment in the center, equipped with USB and 12V sockets as well as lifting cushions. The console is large enough to accommodate all the instruments and the companionway to the cabin, but at the same time it grants a comfy passage towards the bow on both sides. The windshield is large and protective.

Finally, the cabin, a warm and smart environment with a double bed, a cabinet to port, spotlights and large portholes to illuminate the space in a natural and artificial way. Under the cushions there are three large lockers. And, in a separate room, the heads with WC, sink with removable tap and storage compartment.

The numbers of Joker Boat Clubman 35

  • Length overall …………… 10.70 m (35ft 1in)
  • Length LH …………… 9.99 m (32ft 9in)
  • Beam …………… 3.52 m (11ft 6in)
  • Internal beam …………… 2.20 m (7ft 2in)
  • Displacement without engines …………… 3.100 kg
  • Chambers …………… 6
  • Suggested output …………… min. 2 x 300 hp, max 2 x 450 hp
  • Passengers …………… 16
  • Berths …………… 2
  • Fuel reserve …………… 700 l (184 US gal)
  • Fresh water reserve …………… 170 l (44 US gal)
  • Black water tank …………… 78 l (20 US gal)
  • CE design category …………… B
  • Design …………… Joker Boat

Test readings

  • rpm kn lph
  • 600 3,8 7,7
  • 1000 6,5 14
  • 1500 8,5 25
  • 2000 11 37 planing
  • 2600 18 51
  • 3000 25 69
  • 3500 29.5 90
  • 4000 36 131
  • 4500 41 190
  • 5000 46 250
  • 5500 54 260 WOT, trim tabs 40%
  • 6000 60 284 WOT, trim tabs 50%

Test conditions

Calm / moderate sea, clean hull, water full, fuel full, 2 passengers

Indicative price (VAT not included)

Joker Boat Clubman 35, no engines, standard equipment ……. from € 161.000

Enjoy Joker Clubman online configurator

(Italian text by Luciano Pau)

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