The Yacht Controller remotes are now compatible with Volvo Penta EVC-2 for total integration

Yacht Controller has created the interface to make all their Dual Band wireless remote controls, and those of the new Nemesis series, compatible with any electronic Volvo Penta throttle.

The new connection between Yacht Controller and Volvo Penta significantly raises the level of usability and ease of management of any boat using Volvo engines with the second generation of Electronic Vessel Control (EVC-2).

The EVC-2 is the dialogue interface between Volvo Penta engines and management systems on the deck: now also the Yacht Controller wireless remote control can be connected, for an even more integrated, reliable and easy to manage management control chain.


Here comes the new generation of Volvo Penta Electronic Vessel Control

It is not the first Yacht Controller system to connect with the most widely used engines – there is also a specific one for Ips -, but this new interface has been developed to connect Dual Band radio controls with the latest generation EVC-2 (launched last year by Volvo Penta): the circle of compatibility between the products of the two companies is completed.

At the moment, all the electronic Volvo Penta throttles can be connected to a Yacht Controller dual band remote, which allows for a better level of integration with the on-board systems.

Watch Yacht Controler remote operating with Volvo Penta EVC-2 (in two parts)

Twenty years of radio controls, all over the world

For those who don’t know the Company, Yacht Controller produces and develops radio controls that remotely reproduce the functions of the throttle controls on the deck. They allow to carry out the docking operations remotely, from any point aboard the boat, and to always have a direct view of the quayside, from any angle.

The wireless remote control does not exclude the use of the joystick, but the difference lies in the fact that the latter can only be managed from a fixed point, while the former can be operated from anywhere on the boat.

The first radio control was patented just twenty years ago, and today some twenty thousand boaters benefit from this system. Which grants a high level of reliability, because the use of different bands avoids any interference with other electronic devices in the proximity.

With Dual Band the Yacht Controller remote controls are ever more evolved

The partnership between Yacht Controller and Volvo Penta is a nice plus not only for users, who will be able to discover and enjoy the comfort of the system, but also for the Company itself which, in fact, twenty years after its anniversary, has actually seen a recognition by a of the most important manufacturers in the world such as Volvo Penta.

The new connection interface between the Dual Band wireless remotes and the Volvo Penta EVC-2 will be marketed worldwide from the Italian headquarters of Yacht Controller, through their global network of distributors and resellers.

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