The Genoa Boat Show will be postponed and adapted due to Covid-19 issues

An extraordinary plan will be put in motion in order to grant a smooth Genoa Boat Show for everybody. The new dates are 1 to 6 October, but organizers will be flexible.

The Governing Board of Confindustria Nautica (former UCINA), after discussing the matter with the Regional and Genoa Authorities, have declared that a plan will be put in motion for extraordinary measures to be adopted for the 2020 edition of the Genoa Boat Show. The event, at the 60th edition, will see the design of a flexible layout that can adapt to the various post-crisis scenarios.


First of all, the event will be postponed from September to the following month (1st – 6th October). But, what is more important, it is to be integrated with a plan of action that will be aimed at predicting and satisfying all potential regulations that may be in place in October, including the possibility of the event taking place over a longer period of 9 days (from Saturday 3rd to Sunday 11th) in order to best manage the flow of participants in view of health and safety concerns.

Genoa Boat Show

For this purpose, measures will also include the design of wide open spaces and multiple entrance points. These along with all other initiatives that may be implemented will ensure the best conditions for organizing and managing a smooth Genoa Boat Show, and for welcoming visitors and exhibitors alike.

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