With the expedition yacht B.Yond 37M, Benetti goes…beyond

This is the latest interpretation of the concept “expedition yacht”. Benetti B.Yond 37M sports new and peculiar solutions, with a hybrid propulsion.

Expedition vessels: this category of yachts is undoubtedly popular nowadats. May it be for their “low profile” way of living the sea; may it be for their long-range capabilities that allows owners to plan, or at least think of, cruises all over the world, even in the most remote places; may it even be because today a slow and relaxed navigation imeans having a green spirit. Whaever the reason, Benetti want to have their share of the cake, and they do so by introducing the B.Yond project, which will be declined in three models. The first will be a 37-meter, followed by a 44, and by a third one which size is still unknown.
So far, we have the renderings of B.Yond 37M project. A yacht that rethinks the internal layouts, but also sports large spaces overlooking the sea and a Siemens hybrid propulsion.

The progenitor of the Benetti B.Yond family

The new Benetti expedition yacht will feature steel hull and aluminum superstructure (nothing unseen), declined on four decks, not bad for a 37-meter vessel. Because, just miss the right balance in the proportions and there you go with a “wedding cake” effect. On the contrary, her silhouette is elegant, and the merge of the main and lower deck into the lines of the hull has allowed to add a fourth deck.

The most original choice is probably to assign each deck to a specific function: a good way to better exploit the available space. In addition, the four decks are connected by two stairscases, which allow crew- and guests- flows to never cross.

Benetti has sold the third unit of 50-meter B.Now

Benetti returns to steel with a new expedition yacht: meet Benetti B.Yond

The lower deck of B.Yond 37M “belongs” to the crew. Here there’s five cabins, the galley/mess, a laundry and a refrigerated room.

The main deck is entirely dedicated to tguests’ accommodation, with the owner’s room in the front section and another four double cabins behind. The master and two of the others also sport an opening balcony.

Again on the main deck, further aft, there is a large garage for all the water toys: two jet skis and two tenders (a 6.5 meter one for the owner and a second, 4.2 long, for the crew), with the possibility of hauling and launching on both sides thanks to folding gunwale.

The exterior of the main deck will be just a passage area: no sofas, tables, or bar counters as we are used to seeing on superyachts, but only two side passageways that lead to the beach club and a central staircase to the upper deck. Which, on its side, sport a sequence of internal and external living areas. What impresses is the “dialogue” they wanted to create between the indoor dining area and the outdoor bow lounge (note the size of this lounge which includes tables, sofas and sundecks), thanks to a retractable window door. The large windows and the high position make these convivial areas particularly panoramic.

The wheelhouse deck will house the piloting station and a guard cabin inside, and a lounge with jacuzzi outside.

Last but not least, above there’s the sun deck which will be dedicated to the tan and relaxation.

In the end, this layout is definitley different from the typical ones, as it drops “hybrid” areas and assigns each deck to a specific function: this has allowed Benetti to optimize space and obtain fpr B.Yond 37M volumes close to those of yachts over 500 GT.

A simple-to-manage hybrid propulsion system

The powertrain of B.Yond s also innovative. The yacht mounts SiemensSISHIP EcoProp system, which the German group has developed specifically for Azimut Benetti.

It is an easy-to-manage hybrid solution, and boasts four operating modes. Electric motors can absorb and supply electricity, acting as thrusters or as electric generators. During navigation with a diesel engine, the electric ones work as generators, supplying the on-board systems or charging the battery.

The yacht can sail in zero emission mode, with batteries to supply energy to the electric motors and systems on board. Benetti B.Yond 37M is also able to navigate at full cruising speed with the generator off. In this case, the energy source for systems and navigation are the electric motors that operate as shaft generators, and are driven by the main motors.
Finally, B.Yond can navigate at an eco cruising speed with a single diesel engine. A generator set and batteries can help provide energy on board.

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