Evo Yachts Velar 78 is the new cooperation between the yard and designer Valerio Rivellini

After the innovative Evo 43 with opening transom, followed by many other models from a tender to 58ft, it will be time for a large yacht by Evo Yachts and Valerio Rivellini.

The Evo Yachts Velar 78 is based on a concept launched on the market a few months ago by Rivellini, which Evo Yachts have made their own and transformed into a new model in the brand’s range. The first unit is under construction and will be launched in spring 2021.

Come together

In December 2019, designer Valerio Rivellini launched a new concept for an innovative 70-ft motor yacht that also incorporates the strengths of a sailboat. This concept has been transformed into a working project through synergy between the designer’s desire to break free of convention and the vision and construction capabilities of Evo Yachts, the Blue Emme Yachts brand that has built a reputation on the market both for a range of open yachts with “XTension” bulwarks (the aforementioned opening transom) and for its tenders. In partnership, they developed Rivellini’s Velar 70 concept and transformed it into the Velar 78, with content and dimensions that make it a better fit for the shipyard’s development plans.

Velar 78 is a 24-meter motor yacht with a minimalist design created for a relaxed lifestyle at sea. It wants to defy classification thanks to some peculiar elements. The big yacht wheel gives the owner the sensation of captaining a sailboat, while the helm station in the deckhouse offers a protected alternative out of the elements, equipped with a joystick drive that is perfect for complicated maneuvers or in rough seas. The glazed surfaces in the deckhouse are designed to completely disappear out of view, turning the boat into a pure open with T-top.

The two parts are back at work together after creating high profile models like the multiple award winning Evo R4 and Evo R6, or the Evo T2 tender.

It is a boat for owners who want to cruise having in mind eco-sustainability. According to the designers, the keywords are contemplation, sharing and convenience.

Evo Yachts say they were going to expand their range, and looking around they found the project by “their” go-to designer Valerio Rivellini and immediately found an agreement for taking it into production. The builder say that Velar 78 is original, intelligent and cross-market, but it is also a boat that can be built using consolidated processes. For them, it will be the first model in a new series.

The two parts are back at work together after creating high profile models like the multiple award winning Evo R4 and Evo R6, or the Evo T2 tender.

With Velar 78, which is under construction and will be completed in early 2021, Evo Yachts adds a new series, the Velar line, to expand the existing range: the R-Line, with the R4, R4WA and R6 models, and the T-line with the T2 and, coming soon, the T3 model.

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