Brunswick want more inputs from their customers, especially new ones

Brunswick Corporation has announced the formation of an advisory board with customers: It’s named Rpl and will be dedicated to shaping the future of recreational boating. Many, the Company believes, will be new boaters.

It’s no news that Companies have to take customer’s feedback as one of the main points on which to found their strategies, but sometimes this concept is difficult to put into the real world. Brunswick Corporation tries to make it clear, as they introduce the customer advisory board named Rpl.
The acronym isn’t actually a proper one, but it recalls both “ripple” and “real people”, and either totally makes sense.

Be first, be heard, get connected, get rewarded

Rpl will bring together different boating perspectives to collaborate on topics aimed at driving retention among new boaters and increasing appeal and access to boating for all. In addition to participating in brand research initiatives, the Rpl community will have access to new product innovation previews, brand events in their area and weigh-in on the trends they want to see recreational marine adopt.

In order to call customers for action, Brunswick has stated four advantage points: Be First (to see new products and trends), Be Heard (by experts in the boating industry), Get Connected (with other boaters), Get Rewarded (with prizes and incentives).

But why is the Company aiming especially at new customers?
Because this season, Brunswick brands (Mercury, Boston Whaler, Sea Ray, and many more) outperformed the industry in appeal to new boaters, with some brands seeing new boater warranty registrations of more than 50 percent. Their boat brands averaged a 99 percent increase in web traffic by women year to date, and all brands saw an increase in online activity and purchase from a younger demographic, demonstrating the need for new boaters to have more direct influence in the company strategy.

Lauren Beckstedt, Chief of Marketing at Brunswick Divisions, states in a sentence: “This group will be the voice for recreational boating of the future.
“And the boating future that Brunswick is shaping will be more diverse, more accessible, more versatile and bring with it the same exhilaration and thrill that so many boaters around the world have made core to their lifestyles”, she adds.

To learn more about the Rpl Advisory Board, visit the dedicated page on Brunswick’s website.

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