Yanmar VC20 is the new vessel control system for multiple installations

It is an improvement on the previous VC10. Yanmar VC20 can control single, twin and triple engines, with up to four helm stations on the same boat.

It’s time for a new control system from Yanmar Marine International: the Japanese company want to keep the pace with their own engines, which evolve in terms of electronics and management systems.
So here’s the new Yanmar VC20, a vessel control system that promises advanced functionality, modern design, and easy installation. The steps on compared to the previous generation lay in the simplified electrical management and significant functional improvements, while the appearance has changed as well.

Yanmar VC20 also integrates with joystick controls

VC20 integrates with the manufacturer’s complete line up of common rail engine series, transmissions, controls and displays.
The system has been developed for single, twin, and triple engine installations. It features dedicated control modes for all Yanmar control system functions, including Yanmar joystick controls: JC10A for sterndrive applications and JC20A for inboard applications featuring the Vetus extended run bow thruster or Vetus Bow Pro thruster.

yanmar vc20

Enabling up to four helm stations, the VC20’s new architecture features fewer components, connections and cables, reducing the number of helm ECUs to one for multiple station configurations by converting to CAN directly inside the control heads. The functional improvements compared to the first generation VC10 ensure an easier set up for faster installation and simpler maintenance.

Yanmar launch two new displays for their engines

Both the control heads and switch panels feature an upgraded design, with improved water resistance. Yanmar VC20 display has a matching black housing to maintain a unified look and feel. Synchronization and auto dimming ensures effective lighting of the equipment.

VC20 is applicable for Yanmar’s latest 6LF and 6LT powerboat engine line up, as well as thir other established common rail marine diesel engines for sail, power and light duty commercial applications, the JH-CR, 4LV, 8LV and 6LY-CR series.

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