mercury dts digital throttle shift verado controls

Mercury DTS; the next-generation Digital Throttle & Shift system is the top control for a top engine

With the new Mercury DTS, upgraded controls and enhanced ergonomics make it the perfect complement to the stunning Mercury Verado V12 600.

We could use the trite saying “Power is nothing without control”, and it would fit perfectly as we’re talking of a control system designed to perfectly match the most powerful outboard on the market. Let’s say, in a simple way, that a premium engine requires premium controls. For this reason, Mercury Marine have introduced the next generation of their Digital Throttle & Shift (Mercury DTS in short) system with integrated, intuitive and intelligent technology that enhances the boating experience. It is the ideal complement to the lately-launched incredible Mercury Verado V12 600, by far the most innovative outboard motor available, beside being the most powerful.

Mercury DTS is not only for Verados

The Next Gen DTS system comes with all the main attributes of the DTS system that Mercury launched in 2004, including smooth and quick throttle response and full integration with SmartCraft digital technologies.

Considered by Mercury as a major step in the product’s evolution, the new DTS system brings together an enhanced operating system, improved ergonomic designs for the electronic remote controls (ERC) and additional user-friendly features. The new system is replacing the former control system for use with all DTS-compatible Mercury sterndrive, inboard, diesel and outboard engines.

And the Verado engine family, including the all-new Verado V12 600hp outboard, comes standard with Next Gen DTS controls.

Included among the enhancements, Active Trim activation and adjustment buttons are now integrated on the Mercury DTS control base, eliminating the need for an additional control panel on the dash. Active Trim automatically and continuously adjusts engine trim based on changes in GPS speed, in order to improve performance, fuel economy and ease of operation.

__The new ERC lineup offers solutions for boat-engine configurations ranging from one to six Mercury engines.

The operating system of Mercury DTS not only supports basic functions, but has also been upgraded to automatically enhance throttle control for connected SmartCraft systems such as Joystick Piloting and Skyhook.

The new ERC lineup offers solutions for boat-engine configurations ranging from one to six Mercury engines. For single-engine configurations, there are panel- and console-mount controls.
For multi-engine configurations, boaters can choose the standard dual-handle console-mount controls or the Premier dual-handle model, which includes an innovative digital display integrated into the control base.

If you watch at the display of Mercury DTS, you’ll see how it provides a variety of context-sensitive information to help the boater stay fully connected with the propulsion system through all phases of boat operation. Each control has the same sleek, chrome-on-black aesthetics and dynamic styling that are consistent with the current Mercury DNA.

Additional features include a green neutral indicator light on the throttle handle(s) that quickly confirms gear position, a throttle-only feature for starting and warming the engine(s), a large start/stop button and an oversized trim switch.

mercury dts digital throttle shift verado controls

Multi-engine controls have a start/stop-all button for all engines and buttons for starting and stopping individual engines, as well as the ability to trim all or individual engines.

Single-engine controls are available with a Quick Steer button on boats that have the Mercury Single Outboard Electric Steering system installed.

Quick Steer — an industry-first technology — enhances steering control for low-speed, close-quarters maneuvering. This setting provides full turning capacity for the boat with only a quarter-turn of the steering wheel to the left or right. The enhanced steering authority eases the process of docking and maneuvering in tight spaces.

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