Linssen Grand Sturdy 40.0 Sedan Intero, the apotheosis of slow cruising

An Italian-sounding name for the new Linssen Grand Sturdy 40.0 Sedan Intero. It’s definitely not a fast boat, but, it will have its passionate owners, who cruise with true love for the sea.

Displacing hull, a single 110 hp engine, the most understated exterior look ever seen, and just one proper cabin. All this in 40 feet. What’s wrong? Everything, if we think inside the box. Absolutely nothing, if we understand the spirit of Linssen, which reaches its apotheosis in this Grand Sturdy Intero 40.0 Sedan. This boat talks of pure love for navigation, the passion for slow and silent cruises, the will to breathe and experience the sea at its best.

A real straightforward boat

With a length of 12.85 meters and a beam of 4.30, Linssen Grand Sturdy Intero (ok, the full name says also 40.0 Sedan) is certainly large for the needs of a couple, with a wide bow section to make it particularly roomy. However, it also stands out for the slim profile, thanks to the low and single-level superstructure. For lovers of the genre, it is not only sober but also elegant.

Grand Sturdy Intero Linssen 40.0 Sedan

The new, lerger shape of the side windows lets plenty of light in, while the night spotlights are recessed in the cladding of the pillars, flush. The portholes of the forward cabin, which overlook the gangways, are also larger than the previous model and give added brightness to the interior.

Linssen Longtop is the name of the deck overhang which protects the cockpit and allows to enjoy this area even in adverse weather conditions (once again, a requirement for real boaters). The aft door is off-center on the left side to make room for an integrated, adjustable L-shaped bench (it moves left-right and forward-back).

The wheelhouse has also been redesigned on the Grand Sturdy Intero, as well as the side door on the walkway (“pop-out and slide” as they say): from the helm you can quickly reach the mooring cleat, a perfect feature for those long time sailors who would never conceive the help of a crew on board.
Another feature that will be appreciated on the Linssen Grand Sturdy Sedan is the leveled connection from saloon to cockpit.

Grand Sturdy Intero Linssen 40.0 Sedan
Grand Sturdy Intero Linssen 40.0 Sedan

Owners will also appreciate the light and contrasting shades of the materials, starting from the Wengé floor with light caulking, moving to the Okoumé furniture with light cherry finishes matching the leather of the upholstery.

On a technical point of view, the Grand Sturdy Intero 40 recalls the siblings 45.0, 450, 480 and 500 AC (Aft Cabin) Variotop. It features a hull called Softchine Prestressed. In combination with Linssen’s typical stern solutions for rudders and propeller shaft, navigation is safe and reliable even in difficult conditions.

Grand Sturdy Intero Linssen 40.0 Sedan

Then, there’s reinforced internal bulkheads, and a new system to mend the hydraulic and electrical systems.

The engine room, which for a hard-core boater is almost like a second cabin, is roomy and tidy. There are some Linssen patents, such as TMM (Ten Main Modules) or ICCESS (Integrated CAN-bus Controlled Electric Supply System). The two ICCESS control panels are centrally located in the salon area and directly next to the helmsman’s station, in order to always have everything under control.

Is this your type of boat? Then we suggest to discover all its secrets on the pages of the Linssen website, where this Grand Sturdy 40.0 Sedan Intero is revealed in its … entirety.

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Discover the new Linssen Grand Stury 40.0 Sedan Intero on the builder’s website

Grand Sturdy Intero Linssen 40.0 Sedan

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