Gozzi Mimì confirms its growth trend, expanding inside and outside

After a great 2020, Gozzi Mimì invests in new infrastructures and opens up to international markets.

The recent years’ growth trend of the Neapolitan shipyard was confirmed once again in this past 2020, so much that Gozzi Mimì decided to expand its production site adding a new 1.000 square meters showroom, and a new two-storey office building. This is the beginning of an unprecedented chapter in the brand’s history, one that will also include the expansion into new foreign markets.

A balance between tradition and innovation

Gozzi Mimì was founded in 1975 by Salvatore Senese, on a 500 sqm premise. Now the Company is run by the second generation of the family, in particular the CEO Domenico Senese supported by the brother and their father.

gozzi mimì rivellini sorrentino

In 2020 they have increased the turnover by 30%, and by the beginning of 2021 the trend is the same. The focus is now shifting towards larger models – the best selling boat at the moment is the Libeccio 9.5 Walkaround – and they receive many requests from foreign customers. For this reason, Mimì are planning an expansion strategy towards foreign markets.

Nowadays the brand is well known throughout Europe and in several Asian Countries for his planing gozzi, meeting point between past and future: the design recalls the fascinating tradition of the shipwrights from Sorrento (the recent Libeccio 8.5 Classic offers even the tiller steering) but hides a modern and technological heart.

gozzi mimì rivellini sorrentino

Innovation plays a vital role in the shipyards’ production line: the models are designed and engineered in 3D and realized using seven-axis NC milling machines, and the hulls are made through vacuum infusion. This technique is always updated and improved, thanks to the results of continuous research in which Valerio Rivellini, designer of all the latest models of the shipyard, and the Federico II University of Naples also participate.

Evo Yachts Velar 78 is the new cooperation between the yard and designer Valerio Rivellini

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