Tuccoli T210 is the entry-level fishing boat which lacks nothing, not even an offer to be taken immediately

Compact size, specific technical contents for sportfishing and an affordable price: Tuccoli T210 is the new small fisherman from the Italian shipyard, available with a launch offer for the first owners.

It’s the newcomer by Tuccoli, it’s dubbed T210 and it has an overall length of 6.80 meters and a width of 2.55 meters (easy to tow on a trailer), all within a weight of 1800 kg. Despite the size, the walkable surface measures 13.5 square meters, a space suitable for both the needs of gamers and for a relaxing day at anchor.

Tuccoli T210 can be very fast

The outboard engine can range from 140 to 250 horsepower, with the most powerful capable of pushing Tuccoli T210 up to 43 knots, for a cruise pace of between 25 and 27.

__ To confirm the technical and professional vocation of the boat there is a deed, namely the deadrise of 20 degrees: an indication of a hull made to navigate safely even in adverse conditions.

tuccoli t210 fishing fisherman

Moving to the hull of the T210, it is made of full laminate, with variable thickness ranging from 8 mm on the sides to 15 mm on the keel. Everything is reinforced with a partially counter-molded structural spider. The construction of the boat is in vinylester and hand-layered polyester resins, while the deck is designed as a sandwich, while the core is made of 15 mm PVC with a density of 60 kg per cubic meter and the thickness vary between 20 and 25 mm.

__The Shipyard also explains how the structural requirements imposed by the ISO calculations on the range between six and eight meters are largely oversized. Therefore, by respecting these requirements, the safety ratio is greater than by respecting other calculation criteria, which still would be valid for certification purposes.

As for fishing, the Tuccoli T210 has a central bench with a space inside for the box containing all the gear. In total, there are nine lockers arranged on deck, plus a livewell that closes to form a work surface. A hand shower is at the stern and a second is optional at midship. Also optional, you can have a padded gunwale to make every battle more comfortable (and pleasure navigation as well).

tuccoli t210 fishing fisherman

Tuccoli has developed over the last few years a collaboration with Marco Volpi, multiple Italian and world fishing champion in various categories from the boat. The work between the Leghorn sportsman and the Tuscan yard has led to projects with gamers at the center of attention: as evidenced by the Tuccoli T250 VM and this new T210.

But we were also talking about an offer, which adds to the particularly affordable price of this sportfishing boat. From a basic MSRP, in the Hard Top version, of € 37,000 + VAT, the advantage is 24% for the first five owners. In this case, the T210 costs, excluding engine, € 28,652 + VAT.
It is a good opportunity to plan a sporting holiday in safety.

The numbers of Tuccoli T210 VM

  • Length overall …………… 6,80 m
  • Beam …………… 2,55 m
  • Draft …………… 0,40 m
  • Displacement …………… 1.800 Kg
  • Fuel reserve …………… 250 l
  • resh water reserve …………… 40 l
  • Engine …………… fb max 250 cv
  • CE design category …………… C – 5 passengers

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