rivellini extended explorer

Valerio Rivellini Extended Explorer: a stunning concept for cruising around the world

Rivellini’s Extended Explorer is a 56-meter explorer combining the reliability of military vehicles with the comfort of a luxurious pleasure yacht.

Valerio Rivellini is a versatile yacht designer. He has conceived all the Evo Yachts range, made of bold cruisers with edgy lines and innovative solutions, but he is also the mind behind the boats by Gozzi Mimì, whose main traits are the elegance and class of traditional Italian gozzi. It is now time for him to give us a superyacht concept, summing up his know how and expertise in the yachting business.
Her name is Extended Explorer, and she measures 56 meters with a variable maximum beam (we’re not given the number, but in the expanded configuration it’s really wide).

Check the bow: Valerio Rivellini Extended Explorer can transform…widely

The concept behind the project is to offer the ideal vessel for a family wanting to cruise around the world in comfort, stability and safety in all weather and sea conditions.

valerio rivellini extended explorer superyacht concept

One of the many innovative features is the extendable stern, a Rivellini signature style (check Evo Yachts) that here is taken a stage further, with an increased twin-deck aft surface zone. When opened, the bow features two areas of unprecedented versatility, suited to different types of navigation.

valerio rivellini extended explorer superyacht concept
valerio rivellini extended explorer superyacht concept

The stern of the upper deck, once opened, can be used as a sunbathing and relaxation area with chaise-longues on both sides of the yacht, a conversation area towards the stern furnished with sofas and armchairs, and a practical dining space amidships.

At the same time the main deck also opens up, with the stern platform becoming an area just above the sea and sporting enough space to host an outdoor gym on one side and a sunbathing area on the other. Rivellini has imagined a wide range of options for customizing and furnishing these areas, according to the wishes and needs of the owners.

The interiors’ layout can be customized upon the owners’ will, always characterized by an elegant and relaxed atmosphere, where the chosen lines and materials (nubuck leather fabrics in blue shades and white lacquer) recall a marine environment. The concept of Rivellini Extended Explorer includes a super-panoramic owner’s suite on the upper deck,with view over the surrounding sea and the wheelhouse.

valerio rivellini extended explorer superyacht concept
valerio rivellini extended explorer superyacht concept

This concept marks a new step forward in Rivellini’s desire to keep abreast of the trends that fascinate him most. Linked to this research, moreover, is the desire to provide Extended Explorer with a hybrid propulsion system with very low environmental impact, in line with the latest concerns which (finally) aim at respecting the marine environment.

valerio rivellini extended explorer superyacht concept

Will we ever see Rivellini Extended Explorer? If you are ready for a 56-meter futuristic and transformable yacht, this is your call.

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