invictus sx200 capoforte christian grande

Invictus Capoforte SX200: the essence of the brand in just six metres

It’s the first model of the new namesake collection: Invictus Capoforte SX200 synthetizes the value of the brand in an essential, 6.10 meters boat.

We knew about the Invictus Capoforte collection just some weeks ago, through a release by the Company which didn’t explain that much. Now, consequentially to their announcement, Invictus have released the images and info of the first model. It’s named Invictus Capoforte SX200, it measures 6.10 meters and in a very essential layout with outboard motor it is able to offer all the core features of the brand, in particular style, practicality, and even some luxury. Like all the other models, it is designed by Christian Grande and built by the Italian boatyard Aschenez.

Capoforte SX200: a true Invictus Yacht in a compact package

Invictus Capoforte SX200 main focus is to blend functionality and fun. It achieves this by offering liveable, usable spaces in just six metres without compromising the traditional elegance that distinguishes Invictus Yacht.

invictus capoforte sx200 christian grande

Versatility is the top priority. The bow and stern areas of the SX200 can be used as sundecks or lounges, either separately or configured as a single large space. The layout with an off-center console allows an easy, direct passage between bow and stern, leaving enough space for a grill. The large storage space adds further practicality to a boat that expresses elegance and promises performance.

The sporty nature of the Invictus Capoforte SX200 is underlined by the 150 hp outboard engine which takes the boat to over 30 knots, while 20 knots is the best option for fuel-efficient cruising. This performance, combined with a seaworthy hull, guarantees a safe, fast and comfortable cruising.

invictus capoforte sx200 christian grande

The outfitting introduces the colors and styles of the Capoforte collection: the cockpit sports the traditional Invictus Yacht ivory and cognac, with new fabrics featuring a woven leather effect, while the console is painted in “Sunset Gold” (a matte rose gold) to match the cognac details. Four hull colors are available: Blue Whale, Personal White, Dark Shadow and Attack Grey.

__All in all, Invictus Capoforte SX200 wants to be the ideal boat for families, as well as younger users who approach boating with an affordable investment but also want a boat that stands out and its plenty of fun.

SX200 will not be the only one in the Capoforte collection: the range will include models from 19 to 28 feet (previously grouped under the letter X), featuring by elegant aesthetics and thorough ergonomic study, making them particularly suitable for a multitude of uses, from relaxing with the family to sporty rides on the waves.

Invictus 320 Atelier: a statement of the customization chances by Invictus Yacht

Discover the Capoforte collection on invictus Yacht website

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