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Benetti launches M/Y Joy, the second Oasis 40 m unit

BO102 is the second unit of Benetti Oasis 40 m, styled by UK design firm RWD with interiors by Bonetti/Kozerski Architecture, based in New York. It has been launched on March 31 in Livorno.

March 31 saw the launch of M/Y “JOY”, the second unit of Benetti Oasis 40, a 40-m fiberglass yacht with a series of custom features. The owner, in this case a first-time Benetti customer, supervised the design and production of the yacht firsthand.

Onboard Oasis 40m “Joy”

A blend of different tastes is visible outside, where the styling is a combination of Italian flair and classic English lines designed by the UK-based RWD. The vertical bow, the full-height glazing in the wheelhouse, and the automotive-inspired style accents (like the silver paint around the perimeter of the windows) give the yacht a bold look.

benetti oasis 40 joy

To aft the beach area carries some innovation, such as a terrace with no physical or visual barriers and designed as a multifunctional space. This area is a focal point for life on board, and the two side wings open up to give a total walk-on surface of 90 square meters and a maximum beam of 11 meters (the hull itself is 8.5m wide). The beach area has no stairway to the upper decks, which can be reached from the side walkways or from inside the yacht. The garage is on the starboard side to avoid any interference with this area.

benetti oasis 40

The interiors, designed for informal comfort by New York firm Bonetti/Kozerski Architecture are reminiscent of an elegant open space loft. Large glazed surfaces and glass doors help blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces.

The main deck of Benetti Oasis 40 “JOY” features a big lounge with two side windows in the dining area and a galley to port. From here the crew can move to the accommodation in the bow on the lower deck and to the upper decks, using separate routes to protect the owner’s privacy.
As for the master suite, it’s preceded by a private study customized with smart glass. Also at the owner’s request, the suite has its own terrace on the starboard side, while a central corridor leads to the dressing area and bathroom, both divided into his and hers.

_The upper deck features a futuristic wheelhouse, with a bridge designed as a multifunctional space in which to enjoy the cruise with comfortable seating for six people and full-height glazing for 180-degree views.

On the same deck, the personalized sky lounge has a fully appointed gym with a window that opens completely and a lounge area with a sofa and television.

An understated stairway amidships leads up to the sun deck, which is furnished with a bar and a sunpad. The lower deck offers four double cabins for guests with en-suite bathrooms.

benetti oasis 40 joy

The many distinctive features of Oasis 40 “JOY” include an advanced wi-fi remote control system that means the boat can be moored from the stern area without needing to be in the wheelhouse, and the installation of outdoor loudspeakers to play music, confirming the owner’s desire to use the yacht for socializing.

_Moving to the technical side, the hull – designed by Pierluigi Ausonio’s firm P.L.A.N.A. in partnership with the shipyard – has a plumb bow and takes This Benetti Oasis to a top speed of 18 knots.

The boat is built according to the highest technical and construction standards on the market, and with particular attention to air quality (oxygenation, humidity and temperature) in the interior closed spaces, where a treatment system ensures that the air is always fresh and clean, with up to six changes per hour. Sou nds perfect in such an era.

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