With a five-year partnership, White Shark boats will only mount Yamaha outboards

The collaboration agreement between Yamaha Europe and White Shark provides that from today until 2026 all the brand’s boats distributed in Europe will use exclusively Japanese engines.

It’s a Franco-Japanese partnership, going on at least until 2026, that takes White Shark French motorboats to exclusively mount Yamaha engines, in double or single installations, for the entire European market.

White Shark boats have existed since the early 90s, and with their design inspired by the best American cruisers they are appreciated for fishing and leisure navigation for the whole family. Among their competitive values, the hull lines that are suitable for navigation even in rough waters, such as those of Northern Europe.

white shark yamaha package partnership

When the main dealer French Boat Market acquired ownership of the brand in 2020, he did so with an explicit mission:
“Bringing innovation with the aim of giving life to an exceptional boat experience”.

Beyond words, the collaboration between Yamaha and White Shark is certainly an important step, through which the two brands recognize mutual value.

Yamaha states that they have recognized in White Shark a brand of great fame, highly appreciated by a wide audience in Europe, and the perfect partner to offer a line of packages strongly focused on the customer and his needs.

On the other hand, with Yamaha outboards, the White Shark fleet can count on a very wide and versatile range of engines, thanks to models that cover every power and performance range.

yamaha package partnership

The fleet, with Center Console (CC) and Sports Cabin (SC) boats measuring 21 to 30 feet, is divided into two main product lines.

_The White Shark Origin range is the purist version of the legendary White Shark vessel sthat customers have appreciated, recognized and loved over the course of nearly 30 years.

The new Evo range, which counts on the expertise of renowned designer Jean-Jacques Coste, features the same “bow flare” that White Shark’s offshore hulls have become famous for, but offers an even more flexible and fun cruising style.

The Evo line currently includes the 240 CC and 240 SC models, but will be expanded with larger and smaller models in the coming seasons.

yamaha package partnership

White Shark predicts that Yamaha V6 models from 300 to 225 hp will represent 80% of the outboards installed on the transom of their boats. But the new partnership will involve at least ten Yamaha powertrains, from the iconic 425hp XTO V8 to the lightweight 115hp 4-stroke.

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And with Yamaha’s Helm Master EX (HMEX) system, now also available for single engines starting at 150hp, White Shark customers will enjoy the benefits of joystick control, with smoother gear selection and more intuitive operation for maneuvers in tight waters.

_Thanks to the Digital Electric Steering (DES) available on all Yamaha Digital Electronic Control outboards, part of the cockpit is free thanks to the removal of the hoses and steering pumps associated with the hydraulic maneuvering systems.

Furthermore, the possibility of having a retractable lateral remote-control box will allow owners to make the most of the space in the console as well as on the transom.

Discover White Shark boats on the builder’s website (in French)

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