The 200hp and 150hp Yamaha High Power outboards get a makeover with the pearl white cowling

The Pearl White color is now available on Yamaha High Power 4-cylinder 150 and 200 hp engines. The powerful, light and compact units can be chosen in black or white. With five anti-corrosion layers.

For the 2022 season, the pearl white color, introduced by Yamaha with the 425hp V8 XTO model and later also offered on the V6 300hp and 250hp outboards, will be available also on 200hp and 150hp High Power engines.

High-end features and five layers of anti-corrosion paint for Yamaha High Power motors

Thanks to the introduction of the second color, the Yamaha High Power 4 cylinders will be able to better suit the look of the boat on which they are installed. But the aesthetics of the pearl white cowling also hides a remarkable quality: the coloring features Yamaha’s ACP-221 protective paint system, which offers a strong five-layer barrier against corrosion.

yamaha high power cowling pearl white outboards

Yamaha High Power outboards are versatile engines, thanks to their compact size and with remarkable performance.

The 200 and 150hp four-cylinder, four-stroke engines were a step forward for Yamaha at their introduction in 2002 and 2004, and have since become among the best-selling and most reliable engines in the segment. After nearly 20 years of development, today they have some features that tech enthusiasts expect even in this size.

The side mount Drive-by-Wire throttle lever is compatible with Helm Master EX (HMEX), and transfers the benefits of HMEX to a wider range of vessels. Helm Master EX control system improves boat operation with advanced features, improved ergonomics and better design.

The Helm Master system is completely new and features state-of-the-art software that makes changing direction smoother, with single-function buttons for smooth operation and improved overall functionality.

Digital Electric Steering (DES) is also available on the 200hp and 150hp models. DES allows you to create a more spacious and clutter-free dash area , as it’s an electric power steering which doesn’t require an hydraulic pump.

_Of course, Yamaha High Power outboards are in a power range that makes them perfect for multiple installations – even more so thanks to the slim profile.

Being this slim improves the handling of the boat, as the functions of the HMEX system can be optimized.

So if the only reason that stopped you from buying a 200 (or 150 hp Yamaha) was the choice between black or…black cowling, now you have no excuse.

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