besenzoni be electric

Besenzoni BeElectric will be the company branch dedicated to…electric

After the debut with LaPasserella, LaScala Elettrica follows as a second eco-friendly product. The consequence is the birth of neew Besenzoni BeElectric division.

The imperative is go electric. Normally we say that as an alternative to internal combustion engines, but for Besenzoni the power of electrones can replace electro-hydraulic systems, where the advantage is in terms of weight, cost, power absorption and more.
The Sarnico, Italy company is increasingly putting their focus on eco-friendly products, and has now announced the creation of a specific production division named BeElectric.

besenzoni be electric

The new range of components, which at the moment includes LaPasserella and LaScala Elettrica, make use of a simple electrical system. The absence of a hydraulic power pack makes the system quieter and the boat lighter.

_The result is a reduced impact on the marine environment, if you consider less fuel burnt and less energy consumed on board.

So far, it wouldn’t be enough to call it a green change. Luckily it doesn’t stop here: for both LaPasserella and LaScala customers can opt for a platform made from an innovative high-performance synthetic material, created using only virgin PVC. Maintenance is reduced to zero, since there’s no need for treatments using special products: standard wood polishing or oiling isn’t necessary – simply brush down with soapy water. It is also stain-resistant, hard-wearing and impervious to the effects of sunlight or sea water, as well as having a non-slip surface, in both wet and dry conditions.

It’s not a revolution, but it’s not greenwashing either. In our opinion it can be a good starting point and a better approach to the environment, which any boating company has to pursue.

besenzoni be electric

The importance of after-sales: Besenzoni can count 160 operating units worldwide

Check the Besenzoni BeElectric project on the buildfer’s website

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