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Sirena Yachts are ready to debut the new Sirena 68 at Cannes Yachting Festival

It’s a new model, again withhull designed by German Frers. Sirena 68 hasn’t been launched yet but has been sold, according to the shipyard, in 11 units already.

The upcoming Cannes Yachting Festival will be the stage for a new model from Sirena Yachts. Her name is Sirena 68, and she aims at satisfying many needs. Wide space, a good chance of customization, and a hull by German Frers that can cruise in displacement mode for extended range.

Big numbers, according to the manufacturer

Appearently the new Sirena 68 is already a big success: having been introduced in April, and not yet launched to the public, it has already sold 11 units. The official debut will be at the 2021 Cannes Yachting Festival, 7-12 September, with the first finished unit in the water for visitors and media.

sirena 68

The hull shape offers large volumes, allowing everyone onboard to get comfortable, but still be together.

Like all models from Sirena Yachts, the 68 incorporates the innovative German Frers hull design which delivers world-class range by allowing displacement speeds.

sirena 68
sirena 68

The salon welcomes guests from the aft deck where a dining area and open-concept galley awaits them. Light is one of the main features, as enormous panes of glass draw the eye to ever-changing views.

sirena 68

On the lower deck the amidship master stretches across the full beam with a king-size berth, once again the light plays a role by giving a floating sensation thanks to the unique lighting design, while the large hullside windows admit natural light.

The new Sirena 58 Coupe is (almost) ready to debut in Miami

So far we can’t tell you much more, but rest assured that we will attend the Cannes Festival andwill tell you all the secrets of the yacht. Meanwhile, chech the renderings and the layouts to get a closer idea of what Sirena 68 can offer.

sirena 68

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