Mets is the showcase for all the accessories in the world. And it’s time for the DAME Award

Tuesday 18th to Thursday 20th November is the intense three days for METS Trade 2014 in Amsterdam, the big – if not huge – fair trade and show of all the boating accessories. A world scale event to discover really everything about all the components, gears, electronics, gadgets and even rarities.

METS is also the occasion to hold Dame, Design Award Mets, to give a prize to the seven accessories (one for each category) that brought innovation in their field. The categories are:

• Marine electronics and related software
• Interior equipment, furnishings, materials, and electrical fittings used in cabins
• Marina equipment, boatyard equipment, and boat construction tools and materials
• Deck equipment, sails and rigging
• Clothing and crew accessories
• Lifesaving and safety equipment
• Machinery, propulsion, mechanical and electrical systems, and fittings

On Tuesday the seven winners will be unveiled, among the 45 products overall that have been nominated and concur for a prize. One of the most innovative of them all, and worth to mention in our opinion, is the En-Joy by Yacht Controller, in the first category.

En-Joy Yacht Controller

It’s the first portable joystick using wireless technology, and offers in one handy device all the features of a mobile command station, with the easiness of being able to moore your boat simply moving one lever in the desired direction.

While waiting for the winners to be announced, discover the other 44 products nominated for the Dame awards.

Dame 2014 nominations

[table width=”320″ colwidth=”” colalign=”left|right”]
Marine electronics & Marine related software,click here
Deck Equipment, sails and rigging,click here
Lifesaving and safety equipment,click here
Interior Equipment; furnishings; materials & electrical fittings used in cabins,click here

Machinery; propulsion; mechanical and electrical systems and fittings,click here
Clothing and crew accessiores,click here
Marina Equipment, boatyard equipment and boat construction tools and materials,click here



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