Raymarine screens now support C-MAP by Jeppesen cartography

C-MAP 4D is now compatible with all the range of multipurpose Raymarine screens with LightHouse II technology .

The task for Raymarine is to offer boaters allover the world access to the best maps available. Today, that pursuit moves on another step. The Company has just announced that now their multipurpose displays will support the C-MAP by Jeppesen cartography.

Raymarine and Jeppesen have developed a powerful and flexible solution, with support for C-MAP 4D on all the screen that use the LightHouse II technology. Also the Echo/GPS Dragonfly products will be compatible with C-MAP, offering fishermen the chance to access the vast archive of world maps by Jeppesen.

By adding this feature to multipurpose screens, Raymarine will give customers three cartography options on a single display: raster Lighthouse II by Raymarine (updated every third month and constantly evolving), Navionics, and now C-MAP by Jeppesen.

“As we have done already with our  Flir Systems thermal cameras and images from echo and radar, (Slir is the parent Company of Raymarine), we are always committed to giving our customers the best infos for navigation – states Andy Teich, CEO of Flir Systems -. Thanks to this new support for the high quality C-MAP cartography, and to a wide range of data now available on our products, we can offer an even larger choice of maps to improve the quality of the cruise”.

“We are enthusiast for now Raymarine clients will take advantage of the full library of navigation data by Jeppesen – says James Detar, managing director of Jeppesen. Raymarine screens matched to C-MAP by Jeppesen maps will change the way boaters sail across the sea. There’s vector graphics with complete functions, dynamic raster graphs, options for satellite and 3D cartography”.

Support for C-MAP by Jeppesen cartography is provided through the standard Raymarine software update program, and will be first available in the LightHouse 13 version as free download within the first half of 2015.

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