Many debuts from Ultraflex in Amsterdam

At the last Mets in Amsterdam, most important trade show for nautical accessories, Ultraflex has introduced many new devices and systems for pleasure boats.

Leader in the production of steering systems, Ultraflex has developed the electro-hydraulic Masterdrive rudders also for inboard engines. Masterdrive is the most advanced solution on the market thanks to the triple functioning mode: mooring, cruising and trawling.


Paddle Trim is the revolutionary trim and trim-tab actuator, integral with the rudder wheel. This way it’s possible to operate many functions keeping the hands on the wheel. It can be fitted on small boats, ribs or large yachts. On faster crafts, it improves safety allowing a quick and constant control of the rudder, without the distraction of looking for buttons and switches on the dash.
No less than six stering wheels enlarge the already vaste range of Ultraflex rudder controls. The new models are named Adorno, Contarini, Venier, Grimani, V20 and V 29 and are targeted to the larger part of boat market thanks to many different shapes, colors, materials. All feature top end quality and finishing.


Many news also in the offer from Uflex, company of the Ultraflex group: among them the marine air conditioning systems with inverter claim low consumption. The Compact i13 VSD and Compact i24 VSD deliver respectively 13000 and 24000 BTU/hr, to complete the range along with Compact i42 VSD and i62 VSD (42000 and 62000 BTU/hr). All of them feature the inverter to become a heat pump, and comply to the 2004/108/EC EU rule about electro-magnetic compatibility.


Among the several advantages, maximum efficiency (up to 45% of electricity saved), the chance to use smaller generators thus reducing weight space and costs, the drastic reduction of noise and vibration to allow night use, a constant output temperature to increase the comfort, and finally the neutering of electricity peaks at start which are responsible for power overloads.

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