Rhea 30 Evolution opens to the Med

At the next Paris Boat Show Rhea Marine is going to debut the 30 Evolution, a craft capable to offer ample spaces in a length of just 8.90 meters

As a natural evolution of the Rhea 8,50 this new model boasts a number of features aimed to increase inner livability and continuity with outdoor areas. According to the first renderings, it could be considered the typical boat for northern seas: too “closed” for the Med where large outside space and ample sunbeds are required. But the Rhea 30 Evolution has been conceived to be appreciated in warm water as well. Let’s see why.

The hull design is from Joubert and Nivelt, the noted French architects whose names grant an attention for seaworthiness and safety which is also typical for the Yard. Big news are inside, with the chance to vary the layout of the main salon among navigation, dinette or double berth setups. The galley cabinet is correctly sized and light comes in through an ample hatch in addition to the door and the windows. The aft cabin is a new design and features a double bed and much space for the owner. Cherry on the cake, the high level of finishing, thanks to refined woods and leather.

Test BoatMag

Test BoatMag

Another news, is the door that opens into the cockpit: it can almost disappear and create a unique space connecting indoor and outdoor. This last solution, which comes from the same Roséo Design studio who took care of all the interior restyling, widens the versatility of the boat to a larger potential target of customers.


The overall length of the Rhea 30 Evolution is 8,90 mt (29 ft 2 in) with a beam of 3,30 mt (10 ft 10 in) and a draft of 0,85 mt (2 ft 10 in). Fuel and water tanks contain respectively 550 and 180 liters (145 and 47 US gal), while engine choices vary between a single unit up to 440 HP and two for a maximum of 2×230 HP.


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