Fiart 4t Four genius, the passion fruit

The Fiart 4T Four genius encloses half a century of boatbuilding tradition, but also the passion that the younger generations have received and instilled with new passion. Therefore, the result couldn’t be but a special boat.

Fiart 4T Four genius: a boat capable of transmitting everything the Italian shipyard has created in their history, up to the tiniest detail. The design is sophisticated: 16° deadrise, a rather vertical bow, the hull extending back to the swim platform. It’s all good hints of a very seaworthy boat, smooth in the waves and fast in every condition.
The resin has been vacuum infused, according the best tradition from Fiart, so the final result is a sturdy yet light hull, with high quality building standards. The contained displacement allowed to install two rather small Volvo IPS 500 units, for 740 HP in the whole, giving great advantages in terms of mileage and maneuverability.

The deck of Fiart 4T Four

We have to start with a small criticism, one of the very few: the gangway is too much in the way and spoils a very elegant and sleek look. The swim platform hides a ladder that could be used in a swimming pool, but when not in use disappears in a dedicated locker. Two steps lead to the cockpit and hide enough room for storing the fenders.
The cockpit of 4t Four genius features long benches along the perimeter, but an electro-hydraulic system raises the floor to create a solarium or a dinette with center table. The speed of the pump is variable, slowing down in the last centimeters in order not to pinch or hurt anybody. The benches hide more lockers for any kind of gear.

fiart-4tfour  fiart-4tfour fiart-4tfour

The open-air galley is to port and boasts a grill, sink and a fridge, while a chaise longue is located to the back and turns into a seat. The dashboard is complete and the carbon fiber wheel is a cool touch. The same material is used for the superstructure, not for aesthetics but to reduce weight, lower the center of gravity and allow it to stand on just three pillars. A mylar manual top slides back and transforms the 4t Four into a proper open.


A suggestion for the future owner would be to study the piloting position with the shipyard, as the frame of the windshield is on the way and I had to look above it, with the wind hitting my face. Fiart told us they are already developing a glass to protect this upper part. Astern the helm station a very large locker can be fitted to become the crew cabin.
The foredeck hosts an ample sun pad, although the look of the boat claimed for a very low guard rail that proves to be unsafe during navigation.


Interiors of Fiart 4T Four

I don’t like layouts with too many cabins, I call them “beehive boats”. Three rooms for this size seem one too many until I step belowdecks. The rationality of the design put the master to bow, with a center queen bed and a roomy en-suite with shower box. A small dinette to port can be turned into another double bed, but this would be frankly too much: can you imagine 8 guests and a crew living on a 44-feeter…?
The galley has the proper size and equipment for the kind of boat, while amidships the two double cabins share a well-dimensioned heads

fiart-4tfour-genius fiart-4tfour-genius_dinette fiart-4tfour-genius fiart-4tfour-genius fiart-4tfour-genius fiart-4tfour-genius-toilette

What is very clear after a walkthrough of the lower deck is the attention to every detail: Bose hi-fi system, chromo-therapy lights activated by remote, even the chance to control every single feature of the boat with a single device, thanks to the optional domotic system. And even what could seem smaller details have been well taken care of: the wood panels inside the cabinets, the match between fabric and joinery, the manufacturing of all the furnishing and trim: nothing is left to chance.

The test of Fiart 4T Four

We are ready to leave the docks and enter the Baia gulf, north of Naples. The sea could seem calm, but the bad weather of the previous days left a tedious swell that immediately puts to test the qualities of our boat. The Fiart 4tFour Genius behaves smoothly and we have to tighten the turns to find some bump on the hull. Still, crossing some sharper waves like the ones in our wake proves to be very soft and confirms the good seaworthiness of the design.
Time to test the top speed: after two months in the water our hull is not clean, so it pays one knot on the declared 36 – which seems a totally plausible pace. The two IPS 500 work perfectly and there’s no need for more power aboard: even the planing happens very quickly and can be further helped by working on the trims. Finally, the response of the rudder, which is pretty sensitive and fast in our case but can be changed electronically would you prefer a less incisive steering. But I like it exactly the way it is.

Technical features

Length overall 13,86 mt (45 ft 6 in)
Length waterline 13,44 mt (44 ft 1 in)
Beam 4,30 mt (14 ft 1 in)
Draught 1,03 mt (3 ft 5 in)
Dry displacement 9715 Kg
Full load displacement 12997 Kg
Engines max 2×370 HP
Fuel tanks 1100 lt (290 US gal)
Fresh water tank 450 (119 US gal)
Berths 4+2+1
Passengers 14


1000 rpm       6,6 knots          7.6 mph        NA lph        NA gph       60 db
1500 rpm       9,5 knots         10.9 mph       NA lph        NA gph       63 db
2000 rpm       14,5 knots      16.7 mph        NA lph       NA gph        65 db
3000 rpm       27,5 knots      31.6 mph        85 lph        22 gph          71 db
3400 rpm       35,2 knots       40.5 mph       110 lph       29 gph         74 db

Test conditions
Swell, long waves, temperature 18° C (64° F), fuel 300 lt (79 US gal), passengers 3, slightly dirty hull.


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