Capelli Cristal 400 – Suzuki DF30A, simplicity yet technology

It’s the simplest and at the same time the most practical and fun match you can think of: Capelli Cristal 400 and Suzuki DF30A are born to be together.

The international launch of the Suzuki DF35A and DF30A outboards gave us the chance to test the Capelli Cristal 400, a tri-hull fiberglass fun boat which we could resume in three words: “thrills, no frills”. Fast, steady and cheap, it won’t make your harbor neighbor jealous, but sure it’ll make you smile.

Capelli Cristal 400

Take a glance at the spec sheet of the Cristal 400, and you realize that a few lines are enough to describe it. Even more so in the version we tested, which is the basic one and doesn’t even feature a console for piloting. Yes, you got it right: like in the old days, you step aboard, sit in the cockpit, and grab the tiller.


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To fore, a large solarium covers the main storage locker, while abaft there’s just a bench and the below room for fuel tank and extra gear. All the remaining space is free and can be organized the way you want: more benches, or the mentioned center console. But our suggestion is to go for the basic Cristal 400, then decide if you want to temporarily install or load gear and equipment according to actual needs. Sure, we wouldn’t drop the sturdy guardrails, for safety reasons, nor the new Suzuki engine of our test, but believe us, all the rest is redundant.

The test of Cristal 400

The lake is calm, just some wakes from boats and ferries to raise those tedious waves. At the transom, the propulsion is on the new three-cylinder DF30A with a 10 1/4×10 propeller, and the helm is operated by the said tiller. The wide triple hull offers a steady support which is ideal for fishing, as it prevents the boat from rocking and rolling too much. The same feeling remains during navigation, even when the weight distribution (I’m talking of passengers…) is not ideal as in our case. For the performance test I ask my co-pilots to sit more evenly, and push – or better, rotate – the throttle. In around seven seconds we get into plane, then the progression continues up to 5850 rpm and 23,3 knots, for a fuel need of just 9.2 liters per hour. Slow down to the slowest planing pace, 7 knots and 3700 revs, and you’ll burn 4 liters an hour. We cross the wakes of other boats and receive a very steady and safe feedback, while given the kind of hull it’s not relevant to veer too sharply.

The accurate construction of the boat, finally, allows for a NVH free cruise.

Technical features

Length overall 4,00 mt (13 ft 2 in)
Beam 2,00 mt (6 ft 7 in)
Dry weight 200 Kg
Passengers 5
Maximum power 40 HP
CE certification C


rpm knots mph lph nm/l mpg dB
900 1,8 2,1 0,3 6,00 26,16 58
1500 3,2 3,7 0,6 5,33 23,25 61
2000 4,3 4,9 1,1 3,91 17,04 64
2500 4,9 5,6 1,5 3,27 14,24 68
3000 5,5 6,3 2,7 2,04 8,88 70
3500 5,7 6,6 2,8 2,04 8,88 71
4000 11,6 13,4 3,9 2,97 12,97 74
4500 16,3 18,8 5,2 3,13 13,67 76
5000 22,0 25,3 7,3 3,01 13,14 79
5700 23,8 27,4 9,8 2,43 10,59 83
6100 26,0 29,9 9,8 2,65 11,57 84

Test conditions
Calm lake, clean hull, fuel 25 lt (6.6 US gal), 3 passengers

Center console – Cushions – Swim ladder – Night cover

Aprrox prices

Capelli Cristal 400, just hull€ 3360 + VAT
Suzuki from€ 4580 + VAT

Visit Capelli Boatyard website
Visit Suzuki Marine website


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