Come with us into the Mercury plant where the world famous engines are born

A video and a photo gallery to show you how the Mercury inboards and outboards are built, both for pleasure navigation and for racing.


We got access to the Mercury headquarters in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, where every single engine is built, inboard and outboard, and also the propellers that make up the most complete offer for any engine producer. More, this is the place where 5400 employees and 4200 dealerships all over the world are managed from.


Our focus is on the production. Unfortunately, as frequently happens in such cases, our cameras had to stay in the pockets, so all the visual material comes straight from Mercury. In another post we talked about propellers, while here’s all about engines. And what engines!


Last year the American Company celebrated their 75th anniversary, a span of time in the sign of speed and extreme performance, but also of reliability and R&D. Mercury was founded by Carl Kiehaefer in 1939 in Cedarburg, Winsconsin, then bought out by Brunswick in 1961 Today it counts 80 sites in 22 Countries, and 3900 people work in Fond du Lac only. This is the birthplace of outboard engines 3.5 to 350HP, and inboards 135 to 1650HP. Latest addition have been the turbodiesel units based on V6 and V8 Volkswagen blocks.


This partnership with the automotive brand is limited to diesel engines, while the gas ones are developed internally: it’s the case of the new, 250HP 4.5 liters V6, specifically designed for marine use therefore simpler and lighter in order to be more reliable in every condition. The same address has been followed for the new F115 and F150 outboards, featuring a high displacement but a simple 4-cylinder and 2-valves-per-pot block for good performance and limited fuel consumption.

So, if you want to walk through the place where the famous Mercury units are born, take this tour with us watching photos and videos of the manufacturing departments.


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