Arcadia Yachts has big plans for 2015

Three new yachts will expand Arcadia Yachts’ lineup, while innovative solar panels will grant a 25% increase in clean energy production on all models.

The exixting range of Arcadia fiberglass yachts, 85 to 115 feet, will be completed with the introduction of a new 100-feeter. In addition, the 2015 fleet will count on new steel and aluminum models ranging from 145 to 180 feet.

While the Arcadia 85 has come to her thirteenth unit, it’s time for the much awaited Arcadia 100. Hull #1 is already in the lamination process, consisting of layers of fiberglass and vinylester resin for the three outer coats of the hull, and PVC – fiberglass for the sides. She will be a three-decker yacht 31.06 mt long overall, with LH of 29.19 mt and beam of 7.75 mt (102, 95 and 25 ft approx.). Displacement will be 110 tons at full load.


The high efficiency hull will grant balanced performance and economy: two engines, 1000HP each will push her to 18 knots (16 knots cruise), for a request of 260 lph at cruise and just 160 at 14 knots. For long druises and night navigation, the shipyard suggests a slow cruise for a fuel consumption of 80 lph. The range of the Arcadia 100 is longer also thanks to the limited use of generators: when at anchor during the day, the power supply comes entirely from the solar panels covering most of the superstructure.

Arcadia 145 is the second new model for 2015. Her design is completed and the yard is ready to start production. Over 44 meters in length, this yacht features a sundeck patio covered with solar panels, like on the other models, and thanks to the new and more efficient photovoltaic elements is capable of producing up to 6 Kw of clean energy, with an increase of 25% on previous one.

The two suggested interior layouts feature both the owner’s suite on the main deck, completed with office and lounge, large bathroom and direct access to the lobby. According to Arcadia Yacths family feeling, light and space are key factors: large windows everywhere allow a unique brightness to all the spaces. Meanwhile, the new Arcadia 180 has been announced.

Last but not least, the new glass-chamber solar panels integrated in the superstructure of Arcadia Yachts, have allowed to reach the target of +25% clean energy produced on board. This means little use of generators, silence and comfort while recharging the batteries and running the services. All the Arcadia range will boast these new panels, produced according to very strict protocols especially for the shipyard. Increased performance of the solar cells and extended usage on the yachts have led to the target of +25%. In simple words, the solar panels consist of energy production cells enclosed in low-emission glass chambers, insulated with krypton gas.

The echo-tech way from Arcadia Yachts is not just in the 25% increase of clean energy: it regards the water treatment as well. On every model, a sophisticated system for processing black waters is standard and avoids pollution of the surrounding sea.


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