italian propellers

Italian Propellers, a tale of technology and passion

A family united around the project called Italian Propellers: building state-of-the-art propellers and rudders, always aiming at top performance.

We are with Celestino Belotti and his sons Claudio and Marco: together, they run Italian Propellers in the Bergamo countryside, in the heart of a district of small and medium enterprises that represent the best Italian technology. You talk to them and realize how the boating business is not over at all: on the contrary, there’s many entrepreneurs ready to take on the challenges required by such a transformed market.

Our meeting is interrupted several times by an issue regarding the casting of a shaft, or the decision about the right tool for a new manufacturing, and so. As soon as questions are raised, either on the table or on the computer screen, they are discussed and solved. Customers are the most renowned shipyards, such as Sanlorenzo and Azimut, but also many boaters who want to improve their boats’ performance without changing the whole powertrain.


Since Celestino Belotti left his work as mason and moved to work with Radice company, the approach is to face every problem until the solution is found. The first years at Radice saw the sudden growth in the prop field, with the request by their customer Riva for a specific department who could take care just of propellers’ supply. Tough challenge indeed, as it meant to start it from scratch, buying tools and machinery, and hiring the right people.

This is the first core of Italian Propellers, which came out as the following step: to start an independent company and make it grow. Until today, with a custom production of half a thousand pieces a year.

The second generation of the family is fully involved: Claudio is in the sales department, while Marco takes care of the tecnhical part and is currently developing a specific software for CAD of the models. There’s much to say about the way they work and the specific aspects of their work, but we’ll see it later. For now, we are proud of this encounter which once again tells of a tale of Italian excellence.


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