22 knots with an electric outboard: with torqueedo you can

Torqeedo can claim a complete offer of outboards, from the mighty Deep Power, to the well known Travel 503 and Travel 1003 (whose main feature is to combine motor and batteries in one block), to the small Cruise 4.0.

Deep Power: performance OK, but the range needs improvement


The most powerful engine (80HP when compared to an equivalent gas unit, but actually 41HP or 29.9 Kw) reached 22 knots, with three people aboard, and used one tenth of the battery after cruising 5 minutes at 15 knots. It’s easy to understand that range is the main limit, especially when combined to the 12 hrs needed for a full recharge.

Twelve knots with Cruise 4.0


A fiberglass launch was our boat, with the compact Cruise 4.0 mounted on the transom. The batteries are stored in the stern locker, thus limiting versatility. Performance is very good, with a top speed of 12 knots and a range at low speed up to 8 hours.

Travel 1003, ideal for tenders


The Linder Sportsman 440 is an aluminium launch and mounts the Travel 1003 engine. It’s the easiest and lightest solution. The batteries are part of the same block as the motor, so installation is simple and quick, while performance is not bad with a top speed of around 5 knots.

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