Raymarine introduces the new echo-sounders CP370, CP470 and CP570

The renowned producer of marine electronics has just launched a range of new products, including the new echo-sounders Raymarine CP370, Raymarine CP470 and Raymarine CP570 which couple with the famous multi-purpose displays.

At the first glance the new Raymarine CP370, CP470 and CP570 can’t be dubbed spectacular. But what certainly is spectacular is what they can grant when matched to the same-branded screens which they’re designed to work with. Three models with different (increasing) features, to meet different customers’ needs.


First is the successor of CP300: the Raymarine CP370 module has been fully re-designed for extremely clear images, a sharper visualization of fishing targets across the whole water column and automatic operation, thanks to the innovative technology ClearPulse Raymarine for digital sonar processing.
Raymarine CP370 reaches 1000 Watts, working at 200 kHz for coastal fishing and at 50 kHz for deep sea game. The signal process technology ClearPulse smartly manages the parameters of the module, in every condition, giving the anglers more time for gaming saved on the tuning operations. It is compatible with the actual multi-purpose screens with LightHouse II interface and with some of the previous MFD series (C Wide, E Wide, E Classic).
 Raymarine CP370 is already on sale, at an indicative price of € 745 + VAT.


Designed for more professional anglers, the Raymarine CP470 and Raymarine CP570 modules feature an excellent capability of separating targets, and a superior resolution thanks to the Chirp sonars. Tuned for working in deep sea and in hard conditions, they can filter unwanted echo noise while tracing and reproducing fish targets and sea bottom into reliable, high resolution images. Both models have the Chirp double-channel sonar.

Using a wider frequency spectrum and a higher sensitivity, the Raymarine CP470 module and its Chirp advanced transmitter can “see” through thick schools of bait-fish, locate thermoclines, and even aim at the desired specimen with an output power of 1 or 2 Kw, depending on the transducer.

For the pro angler, the two separate and independent sonar channels of Raymarine CP570 grants a quick targeting of the fish and combined output power up to 4 Kw. 
Raymarine CP470 is already available, while Raymarine CP570 will be within spring.


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